Personal Lubricants

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The MQ store has the best selection personal and sexual lubricants for all occasions. Silicone, water and oil based to fit your personal needs.  Water based lubricants play well with all of your toys, and silicone to go the extra mile.  Choose the one which works best for you with our in-depth guides to finding the best personal lubricant, the best anal lubes, and more.

Personal Lubricants

Choosing the right lubricant is important companion for your favorite sex toy and bedroom fun.  Make things smooth, slippery and fun with a bit of extra slickness.  The MQ store has something for all occasions: added sensation, warming, tingling, anal, oral, and more.  With a selection of over 500 lubricants we have something for almost anyone.

MQ is happy to provide in-depth guidance to making your purchase, and is dedicated to help make the right decision for each of its readers.  For any questions or help making the your final choice feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]