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The MQ store has the best selection personal lubricants and sexual lubes for all occasions. Silicone, water, and oil based lubes to fit your personal sex life needs.

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Best Lubricants and lubes for sex
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Explore all types of lubrication for vaginal, anal, oral, and manual sex. We help you choose the lubes that is best for you with our in-depth personal lubes buyer’s guides below.

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Water Based Lubes

Best Water Lubes and Sex Lubricants
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Water based lubricants give the realest feel to our bodies natural lubrication. Their water base makes them extra slippery, easy to clean up, condom-safe, and compatible with all of your favorite sex toys.

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Silicone Based Lubes

Best Silicone Lubes and Sex Lubricants
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Silicone lubes give you a thick, durable long lasting slide similar to oil based products – without the greasy feel.  Silicone based lubricants are the longest lasting, highest quality lubes you can buy and are also safe to use with condoms.

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These are the top selling personal lubricants and lubes for sex on the MQ Store.

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