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Best Lubes for Masturbation and Jacking Off

Best Lubes for Masturbation and Jacking Off

Masturbation, jacking off, beating the salami, wacking the rooster, or whatever you want to call it – if you want to have the best experience then you need to have a good lube.  After some testing and hard work (well, kinda), we made up a list of the best lubes for masturbation.

The Best Lubes For Masturbation

Water Based

If you are looking to jack off, then you want something that feels good, is easy to clean up and isn’t going to cost you much money.  That is what makes water based lubes the best lubes for masturbation.

This is because water lubes usually come in large quantities, are inexpensive, and are the closest feeling to the “real” thing.  So if you want the best lube for jacking off, then water lubes are really the way to go.

Added Sensation Lubes

Climax Bursts

If you jack off a lot then you probably know that masturbating can sometimes get a bit… boring.  That is why I am a big fan of sensitizing lubes.  Climax Bursts is easily my top pick in this category because it will give you a tingling sensation that will make you cum extra hard.

Tingling Climax Bursts – One of 3 Sensations

$29.99 $21.47Add to cart

The small red bubbles will actually “burst” as you use it giving you a tingling sensation that isn’t too over powering, but really adds to the fun.  If you are looking to change things up, and want a little more feeling, then Climax Bursts is really worth the buy.

Cooling Climax Bursts – One of 3 Sensations

$29.99 $21.47Add to cart

There are also a number of other sensations including: Warming, Cooling, Tingling, and more, each with their own unique feel.

MQ Reader Review:
Love It  – “The whole time it was a cooling sensation and when I climaxed, it was like an explosion in my body coming out my penis!  Wow. I took a chance on this product not knowing what it was like, but now, I would not even think of getting anything else.” – Dave

For the best value, the masturbation 3-pack gives you three different sensations: cooling, warming, and tingling,  which lets you really experiment.  Best of all, bundled together they will save you a bit of money too.

View Climax Bursts 3-Pack on MQ Store

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Mood Warming

Mood Warming is our next top pick for sensitizing lubes and is a bit different from Climax Bursts.  Instead of a tingling sensation, Mood has a warming feeling that takes effect pretty quickly after you start using it.

Mood also comes in a Tingling variant.

View Mood Tingling on MQ Store

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Again, it isn’t overpowering, but if you have built up some stamina, or are usually slow to cum, this will probably push you over the edge pretty fast.


View Mood Warming on: MQ Store

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A single bottle is relatively inexpensive for 4 oz especially if you are looking to experiment.

MQ Reader Review:
Feels Awesome – “This lube is great while masturbating for a little extra sensation.  The warming feeling is a nice change and really mixes things up.  I highly recommend it!” – Tim

Mood also comes in a 5 pack of different sensations:
Warming, Cooling, Senstitive, Silicone, and Water, all giving vastly different solo experiences.

The Mood starter pack gives you 5 different masturbation sensations to try.

View Mood Masturbation Starter Pack on MQ Store

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Best Water Lube

Gun Oil H2O

I have been a long time fan of Gun Oil because it is one of the most durable, heavy duty and long lasting lubes you can buy.   This means that for masturbation, Gun Oil H2O is the best water lube I have ever used for jacking off.

It has a smooth consistency literally glides over the skin.  Gun Oil is a bit more than some other brands, but the slight increase in cost is well worth what you get for quality.

Gun Oil also comes in pretty big bottles up to 32 oz meaning that is will last you for a very long time.


If you want something even more slick and heavy duty, then I recommend looking at Gun Oil Silicone which is even more slippery and does not dry out… ever…. So, if you don’t mind the extra hassle of cleanup, is well worth a look.

MQ Reader Review:
Love This Product – “It stays very slick for a long period of time for a water base.  The fact that it comes in such a large size makes it convenient so I’m not ordering lube every couple of weeks. I also love the name. ” – Eric

GUN OIL LUBRICANT H2O 4 OZ-2View Gun Oil H2O on: MQ Store

$26.99 $24.41Add to cart

Best Lubes for Masturbation on a Budget

Smooth and Slick

Smooth and Slick has always been my go to cheap lube because it is slippery, slick and is one of the cheapest, quality, lubes out there.  Its low price means that you won’t be afraid to use it in big quantities and its feel and consistency makes it perfect for masturbation and solo fun.

If you are looking for the best cheap lube for jacking off and aren’t looking to drop a lot of money, then Smooth and Slick is your best bet.

MQ Reader Review:
Great Lubricant! – “This is one of the best water-based lubricants I have used. It’s not expensive which is nice and this size will last someone awhile. I have not had any problems with it drying out too fast or being sticky after drying. If you add a little water when the lube starts drying it gets wet again also. Best water-based lubricant I have used, and prefer water-based over silicone. Enjoy” – Kevin

View on: MQ Store

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Silicone Lubes

Pjur Body Glide

Pjur is the best silicone lube I have ever used – period.  It is thick, virtually friction free, and feels amazing to use.

The silicone base means it will not dry out, even after you use it for an extended period of time or expose it to air, so if you are looking for something heavy duty and cane take a pounding then this is the way to go.

On the other hand, the thickness and durability means that it can be more difficult to clean up, but if you want a lube that will last and last and be and slippery as possible, then it doesn’t get any better than Pjur Body Glide.

MQ Reader Review:
Worked Fantastic! –  “A little goes a long way and it feels great. I use it to jack off with and one application does the trick!”

View on: MQ Store

$49.99 $36.41Add to cart

We cover all types of lubes and variants in more detail below.

Best Lubes by Type

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the best personal lubricants

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the best silicone lubes cover

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The Best Anal Relaxants Cover

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the best based water lubes



There you have it, our top picks of the best lubes for masturbation. What are your thoughts?  Do you have a favorite lube for masturbating?  Are there any lubes that we forgot to mention?  Let us know in the comments below.

Loren Couse

I started MQ with the goal of answering all the questions I had about gay sex, dating and relationships when I was just starting out.If you have a question, suggestion, or are just looking to chat, feel free to message me at: [email protected], check out our YouTube page, Facebook or Google+.

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  1. In the past I have always used silicone based lubes for jacking off. However, that seems a bit like a liquified condom that doesn’t allow totally natural contact. I decided to try a water based lube this time around and it is ever so much better. More natural and stays slippery a long time. Not only that – I think I like the idea of rubbing water into my cock rather than a chemical like silicone.

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