Best Silicone Lube of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Silicone Lube of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

This list is a compilation of our personal favorites, reader recommendations, and top sellers from the MQ store to make a list for the best silicone lube by category.

Best Silicone Lube

Pjur Original Body glide is the best silicone lube because of its longevity, quality ingredients, and overall feel and performance.  As a consistent top seller year over year, Pjur works well for all types of sex, toys, and for solo play.

Pjur Original Bodyglide

I have been a fan of Pjur for years, and although there are a lot of other great lubes out there with similar feels, I have yet to try a lube that surpasses the feeling and quality.

Pjur Body Glide is extremely slippery and in terms of sheer lubrication, it does the best job of reducing friction and increasing pleasure.  The best way to describe the consistency would be like a thick syrup.

It is easy to apply, stays on and lasts long when you need it, but is then a cinch to clean up after.  If you are looking for an all purpose high-performing, high-quality lube then Pjur is the best silicone lube out there.

MQ Reader Review:
Amazing staple of our sex life – “This is a must have for our daily sex life. It is a amazing product. It doesn’t get sticky and washes off the sheets very easily. Also the bottle is made so even if it gets tipped over only a little will spill out. I suggest this product for anyone that likes the silicone based lubricants. I don’t think there is another product on the market that comes close to the lasting power of Pjur original bodyglide. we always buy the 100ml but might have to move to a bigger bottle because we love it so much and use it daily.” – Risque Chalet

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Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant

As a close second, Gun Oil is a more heavy duty alternative for the power user.  It has a thicker consistency and ideal for extended play.  I really like Gun Oil’s packaging because of the discrete nature of the bottle.

Nothing about it suggests “sex” and if anything you might be mistaken for owning firearms.

You might have noticed that I also have Gun Oil listed on my list for the best anal lubes because the extra thickness makes it ideal if you are super tight.

This added durability makes it the highest performing, most durable, and best silicone lube in its category. If heavy duty is what you are after, then look no further.

MQ Reader Review:
Very slidey…NOT sticky – “The wife and I love the product. We have tried many others but this lube is the BEST.” – man

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Best Value Silicone Lube

ID Millennium

As one of the bigger lube brands, ID may not be quite as premium as others on this list, their silicone lube performs surprisingly well.

ID Millennium is a similar consistency to Pjur which feels very smooth and “glides” across the skin.

Because it is a less premium brand you will also save yourself a few dollars ounce-per-ounce, so if you are looking to branch out and try something different then ID is a great alternative.

Regardless, ID Millennium is the best silicone lube for the more mainstream buyer.

MQ Reader Review:
Broke the mold with this one! – “I love I.D. Lubricants to begin with but they really broke the mold with their Millennium lubricant. Not only is it easy to clean off of your body and provides a non-sticky, non-greasy feel… you can use this in water! That’s right you read correctly… IN WATER! This lubricant will stay slick in the water as well as in the bedroom! You can go in the hot tub and use this… or the pool… shower… or tub… anything with water and it will remain on your skin!”

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Mood Original Silicone

I recently discovered Mood Silicone this year and decided to add it to the list because if a reader suggestion.   Overall, I am impressed with the performance and ease of use.  It feels great but isn’t sticky or runny like other products I have tested.

One of the big problems I have with a lot of lubes is in the packaging, especially with silicone lubes which, unless you wash off, will stick around on the bottles.  This makes taking the cap off a pain and sometimes a struggle to use.

Thankfully, Mood Silicone has addressed this with a pump design which lets you easily add more lube with only one hand. On top of this convenience, Mood Silicone is a great feeling silicone lube in its own right.

MQ Reader Review:
One Slick Lube! – “I have tried a lot of silicone lubricants, but this one tops them all. Super slick, pure silicone. Made with only 2 silicone ingredients (nothing else!) it is as premium as you can get.”

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Silicone lubes are easily our favorite of any type and here’s why:  they are super slippery, high-performing, long-lasting and easy to clean up.

This combined with the fact that they are 100% condom safe makes them my top recommendation for anyone looking to purchase a sexual lubricant.

Regardless, all the lubes listed here are great choices in it of themselves and you can’t go wrong with any.

We cover all types of lubes and variants in more detail below.

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This is by no means a be all end all compilation, and I encourage you to experiment yourself with different types and brands to find you personal favorite because choosing “the best silicone lube” ultimately comes down to personal preference.

These are our picks of the best silicone lube. Do you have a favorite silicone lube?  Have you personally tested any of these out yourself?  Let us know in the comments below.


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