How to Use an Anal Enema: Douching Before Sex

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So you want to use an enema but don’t know where to start!  That’s why we are here to give you the low-down and teach you how to use an anal enema for the very first time.

The first thing you think when you hear anal sex probably isn’t “clean”.  Well, push your preconceptions aside, because the truth of the matter is – it can be!

If you use an anal enema and practice proper hygiene before having anal sex then you will be in for some of the cleanest sex you have ever had!

Douching sounds a bit scary, but the honest truth is that learning how to use an anal enema makes getting ready for sex is easier, faster and much more convenient.

I cannot emphasize how much using an enema can improve anal sex.  So my advice is to give douching a try!

How to Use an Anal Enema

Getting Started

Using an anal enema can be a strange experience for first timers.  This is why choosing an anal enema that is comfortable and made specifically for anal douching is so important.

There are a lot of different types and sizes out there but when it comes down to it, your enema only needs to do one thing – clean you up before sex.

Choosing an Anal Enema

When you select your enema you want something that is simple to use, easy to clean, and will last you a long time.

I typically recommend the Pros Enema (pictured above) because it works well for almost everyone.  It is relatively inexpensive at around $12, and the simple design is easy to disassemble and refill.

Even more, it is comfortable to use, and the tip it narrow and goes in easily.  It is simple, no frills and gets the job done for not too much money.

The removable heads also make it easy to clean.  All it takes is a bit of soap and water and a thorough rinse inside and out.

Best of all there are 4 different sizes to choose from from small all the way to XL for the more heavy duty situations. If you are looking for a no frills douche then you really can’t go wrong here.

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If you want something that is a more multi-purpose use, then a high-capacity lube injector is also a good option.

Lube injectors are used for applying lube inside before anal sex, and are much more effective than shoving a finger in.

As an added plus, you can also use injectors with a fill of water and have the same effect as using an anal enema.

To make insertion a bit more comfortable I recommend using a bit of lube on the tip to make things slide in a little more smoothly.

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Using Your Anal Enema for the First Time

Go to the Bathroom

OK, now let’s get into the details of actually how to use an anal enema for the first time.

To start, go to the bathroom naturally. You want to flush your system naturally as much as possible before you attempt using an enema.

When using the bathroom, be sure to take your time and try not to strain yourself.

When you are finished, wash up down there with your finger and some warm water.  You want to make sure the area is clean before you use the enema.

Next, fill your enema pouch with room temperature water.

Do not make the water too cold or too hot, as this can be really uncomfortable (I know from experience).

Don’t Forget the Lube

Next, you want to apply a small amount of lubricant to the tip of the enema.

For a guide on picking the right anal lube, check here.

Generally, we recommend using Swiss Navy Water based lube as it is an extra slippery anal lube which works for most situations both for prep and in the bedroom.

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You can read our full impressions of Swiss Navy Here.

Insert Your Enema

Gently slide in the tip of the enema with a bit of lube on the tip so that it is about an inch inside.

When you are inserting, I recommend doing it over a toilet just to be extra cautious.

Slowly press the enema bulb and as you do this the water will begin to go inside.

This is extremely important! Once you have pressed the bulb all the way, do NOT release the enema bulb.

The pressure difference will cause dirty water to rush back into the pouch.  That would be bad.

Next, slowly remove the tip of the enema and let the water sit inside.  Wait for about three to five minutes to allow any leftover residue soften.

Finally, push out and go to the bathroom again making sure that all of the water is gone.

Repeat this process one or two more times and you will ready for action.

Things To Remember

Douching is a great way to clear up before sex.  Although it is useful you should limit yourself to doing it a few times a week.

It can cause irritation to the colon wall if used too often and can also make you rely on it. This can make going to the bathroom naturally more difficult.

Remember to follow the above steps closely and soon it will become second nature.  You will notice an improvement in the quality of sex almost immediately.

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For anal sex first timers you can also check our in-depth guide, How to Have Anal Sex For the First Time Here.

Anal Sex Starter Kit

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We cover all types of anal sex supplies below.

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If you have any questions about how to use an anal enema or would rather ask us directly feel free to email us at info@maleq.org or write them down in the comments below!

Do you have any tips or advice for how to use an anal enema for the first time?  Leave them in the comments below.

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  • I tried this and my question is should my penis feel weird , like a sharp pain on the out side of my head on the side

    • Hello,

      Do you mean when inserting the enema? If you are having pain inserting it I recommend always using lube on the enema tip.

      I would also recommend using room temperature water to avoid any discomfort. For pain on your penis I can't say for sure. If it continues I would recommend speaking to a doctor to medical professional.



  • I think I've been using it the wrong way. I empty my anal douche on the first go, then I squirt it out on the toilet, but then I repeat the process many times after that because the water never runs clear... And I end up using up a whole lotta water. Should I empty my anal douche on the first go into my rectum? Or should I use the same water in my enema in those following times?

    • Hello Athena,

      The best thing you can do is go to the bathroom naturally first and really make sure to empty things out as much as possible before using the enema. After that, it is best to wait about 30 minutes before using the enema to avoid to much stress on your body.

      Another tip is to limit your food intake 24 hours before sex. This can also help to clean things out naturally.

      Generally, you should only need to use the enema 2 to 3 times to get fully cleaned up.

      Hope this helps!



  • thanks for your lovely and invaluable tips on douching and enemas and anal sex I am a bottom who is rather elderly at 69 and though I havnt had a lot of sex of any kind in the last three or four years I am always looking for ways to improve my anal skills and cleanliness just in case ..so I am very grateful for all you wonderful advice..thank you

  • I do not eat 10-12 hrs before anal sex. About 4-5. Hrs before I take a 2 qt plain warm water enema I do this every time I go out on a date. I have 97% of the time never had a problem. If need be we shower.

  • I've read that during anal sex....some might feel like they have to poop...right then. I'm getting ready to try anal for the first time and this is the only thing that concerns me. I plan on limiting my food intake and using an anal enema beforehand. Lots of good info in this article!

  • I am a fetishist who is into enemas so I know a lot about them. As everyone says, relax, that's the key. It is a lot easier if you get your partner or someone to help you. Even as I'm writing this, my partner is in the bathroom preparing. It can be a fun, erotic time for many.. I recommend trying an actual enema bag. STAY AWAY FROM THE FLEETS They're harsh, dehydrating and I don't know about you all, but after having one of those Anal sex isn't in the cards for a bit.

    A few large volume enemas (1 to 3 liters) will clean you out pretty good. remember, the more water you can take and the longer you hold it the better it works. (don't go over 2 liters for a beginner)

    Another thing that is f'un is a mineral or vegetable oil enema. 8 oz (~250ml) should be enough, don't go over 16 oz. The oil is thick so it will take a bit of time to take it. Also because it's thick, it doesn't even feel like anything is happening. you often won't even feel an urge to go. Now you have a dilemma, Should you expel that enema and start the soapsud enemas to cut the oil. or keep.it in because Guess what

    Your ass is now full of a great but messy lube.

    WARNING: any type of oil or fat will dissolve a latex condom so only do this with a monogamous partner and you have both been checked for HIV, Hep, etc,)

    Be safe, we've lost way too many.

    • I forgot to mention, use plain water in the enema, not soap which irritates the rectum. If you are taking several large enemas, put a teaspoon of salt in each' liter, it will prevent electrolyte imbalance (water intoxication) It's scary I've had it once.

      Dont let that turn you off, one time out of the thousands of enemas I"ve taken isn't too bad.

  • Thankyou for sharing this valuable information. I’ve been douching now for over 10 years. And quite honestly I love it. But I’ve been doing it wrong. . I can’t wait to see how this will feel. Most every time I douche I usually shoot a couple loass of cum when I would push the water out.. is there a trick that I can use that will assure me to cum like that all the time, and is it ok to put a little bit of vinegar inwirh the water to help flush.

  • As both a medical specialist and writer, I wanted to "chime" in on this particular article. I am a single gay professional, in his mid-30s. I am responsibly active sexually and will receive anal from my partner.

    One thing we as men need to remember- our anus, rectum, and colon are what they are. Their primary purpose is to expel waste and then seal up the opening (anus) to protect the mucus-lined walls of the rectum and colon. This mucus lining produces the natural "jelly" that provides a lubrication to defecate. Without it, it would be hell to pay just to eat. We would be living on clear, liquid diets. Anal sex is not as glamorous as Pornhub makes them out to be. There’s a high risk that you will encounter fecal matter in your partner’s rectum. Stimulating the inside of the rectum triggers the colon to begin contracting, which expels.

    When you douche, you can't expect to reach a point when you see crystal-clear water run out of your rectum. If you do, then you've overdone the process and need to stop! Your only goal with douching is to provide a liquid medium to void any fecal matter from the rectum- not the colon. Deep cleansing (anus up to and including the colon) is reserved for more professionals that engage in fisting. To clean out the colon, you need to be on a prep-diet and extreme reaching to get the colon purged. This is not atypical for simple anal sex. You will land yourself into gross and negligent health issues, especially as you lapse into your 50's or older. It's not the Olympics! You're simply having a bowel movement, then rinsing out your rectum of any potential remaining matter.

    Lastly- the hyper-sensationalism videos online depicting men having hours upon hours of anal sex is both staged and takes hours to prep. Anal sex is to be enjoyable but within reason. Get in your partner's ass and give him some slow, stimulating enjoyment then get out. If your sex life is about nothing but long, endured periods of anal sex, you're missing the point to what it's all about, guys.

    All the best

  • I noticed a couple of concerns about yellow staining, I've had conversations with my doctor about Bally Rubens, a Liver and digestive thing. I've heard the theory about peeing clear, doesn't always happen
    As a Prostate Cancer survivor I have become Hyper aware of the multiple sphincters
    in the anus, any thing more than 5 inches gets some fecal matter which a few of my partners find objectionable. What kind of enema/douche would clear that matter?

    • Hello,

      For a more deep clean you can simply use more water per douche. There is a really great visual guide on deep clean enema usage on our site as well! You can check it out here.

      Hope this helps!


  • I've developed a unique douching procedure.
    1. Cover the bottom of a 5-oz plastic cup with salt.
    2. Half-fill the cup with hot water.
    3. Stir the saline till the salt is dissolved.
    4. Almost fill the cup with cold water.
    5. Add a few squeezes of antibacterial soap.
    6. Stir the mixture.
    7. Pour some of the mixture into an empty Fleet enema.
    8. Shake.
    9. Insert the enema into the rectum while sitting on the toilet.
    10. Squeeze the Fleet bottle.
    11. Wait for the material to be ejected, preferably with fecal matter.
    12. Repeat until ejected material is clear.

    This works fine so long as my feces are not too soft. Sometimes a mess is a mess, and I can't seem to stop things. Then I give my partner a WARNING: Yellow Flag (oil on the track!).
    One issue I've been having is that, usually within an hour of preparation, my rectum suddenly expels a portion of fluid, usually without any feces. It smells very clean. I figure the rectum withholds the last enema and expels it later. This is annoying. I'm going to start reducing the amount of salt and soap, which I figure are causing irritation, and the irritation is causing the delayed action.
    When everything works fine, my partner's penis is so clean after he barebacks me that I can suck it and not taste anything. And he can go for hours without getting any fecal matter on his penis. This is heaven for both of us!
    Comments appreciated.

  • I have also discovered that after having an enema ald all the water has been emptied from within, I usually insert a tampon and leave it there for ten or fifteen minutes. That ensures it soaks up ever last drop of water.