Douching for Men in 6 Easy Steps – Complete Guide to Using an Enema

Douching for men is an essential step for any guy who wants to clean up before anal sex.  With some proper care and a little bit of no how, you can make preparing for sex easy and stress free.

Douching For Men | Complete Walk-through

How Douching Works

Douching works by flushing water through the colon to help clean out any residue that might still be left over, even after using the bathroom.

This helps to make sure that your tubes are clean and ready before the fun starts.


Most common toll used when douching for men is an enema.  This is typically a water bulb reservoir connected to an insertable tube.

Enemas come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes – but most serve the same function. My go-to enema and the style I recommend to most of my readers is the Pros Enema.

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For the vast majority of users this design just the job, and comes in a variety of bulb sizes, depending on how much water you want to use, and how deep you want to clean.

For general use, one filled bulb of the Medium Size (160ml) enema will do the trick.

Using Your Enema

1. Use the Toilet

douching for men anal sex toilet

To start, take a nice, long poop.

But really, use the bathroom, take your time, and clear things out naturally.  Your enema is meant to take care of the small stuff, and little surprises that might have been left behind.

2. Fill Your Enema

douching for men anal sex fill enema

Next, remove the enema tip and fill your enema bulb with room temperature water.  

It is important that the water is not too hot and not too cold – your insides are extra sensitive.

Don’t use soap that can cause unnecessary irritation – water will do the job just fine.

3. Insert the Tip

douching for men anal sex enema tip

Next, you want to re-attach the tip and the bulb, and insert your enema tip about an inch, or 2 centimeters into your bum.

Pro tip: It is best to use some lube on the enema tube to avoid discomfort.  Simply lube up the enema and the entrance to your bum.  This will make things go a lot easier.

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4. Squeeze!

douching for men anal sex squeeze

Once you have the tip inserted, slowly squeeze the enema bulb.  This will cause the water to flow inside.

It is best to do the next step over the toilet to avoid any unwanted messes.

Once your fully press the enema, DO NOT de-press or let go of the bulb!
This will cause the enema to suck back in the dirty water (ewww).

Instead, once you have pressed all of the water out, remove the tip, then release the bulb.

For most people, one 160ml bulb is enough, but if you want to to clean deeper, you can repeat this process and add one or two more.

5. Wait and Release

douching for men anal sex enema

After you are filled to the brim, hold the water inside for 30 seconds to a minute.  This will allow the water to soften any gunk inside and really let the douching to its magic.

Next, while on the toilet, release that dirty water, by pushing out the same way like you are gonna poop.  Make sure to release all of the water.

6. Repeat

Finally, repeat this process one or two more times until the water comes out clean.

It is important not to do it TOO many times as the water can cause dryness and irritation inside.

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Some Final Thoughts

After you are finished douching, it is a good idea to wait a good 10 to 20 minutes after to let your body settle before you have sex.

Remember that douching is a great way to clean up before sex, but sometimes shit still happens.  The simple fact is, the more you get used to the process, the better at it, and cleaner you will become

Finally, as amazing as douching for men can be, it is best to limit it to a few times a week, as doing it too often can cause irritation, and overtime, reliance on it and can make going to the bathroom naturally more difficult.

If though you follow the above steps, then douching can be a great way to improve your sex life and clean up before the hand.

If you enjoyed our guide douching for men, or had something more to add, please let us know in the comments below.  For questions, about anything sex relationship and more you can also feel free to e-mail us at: [email protected].

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