Best Male Masturbator for Explosive Results | 2020 Edition

Best Male Masturbator for Explosive Results | 2020 Edition

Still searching for the right male masturbator?  You’ve come to the right spot.  After some in-depth “testing” we have finally found the best male masturbator.  Let’s break down the top toys for jacking off that you can buy right now.

Male Q Sex Toys Buyers Guide

What is the Best Male Masturbator?

The PDX is the best male masturbator and the name of the game in male sex toys.  Made from life-like “Fanta Flesh” the 2 in 1 stroker design is smooth, tight and a dream to use.  The suction grips on the side let you change the strength and tightness of the masturbator giving a nice level of customization

PDX Elite Mega Grip Male Masturbator

The interior part can be used as a stand alone masturbator, but the real kicker is in the vibrating base.

With 10 different levels of vibration, the stroker is powerful, with pulses that really push you over the edge.

In terms of value, you really get your money’s worth, with a starter kit which includes lube, toy cleaner and 3-staged cock rings.

Overall, this is the best male masturbator we have tested in terms of quality, feel and value. For those looking for a stroker with the best feeling and performance, look no further.

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Optimale Endurance Trainer Ultraskyn Stroker

The Optimale is a beast of a masturbator.  Made from tight, textured, life-like silicone, the material is strong, durable and realistic.

The inner soft stroker is adjustable, with a suction valve are the end allowing you to change the feel and strength of the masturbator. 

The big major difference here is the lack of a built in vibrator making it quite a bit cheaper.

The included cover lets you store and protect your toy discretely.  We really like this design, because stowed away it looks like your typical coffee mug and won’t get noticed by prying eyes.

MQ Reader Review:
A Great Masturbator – ” This item is worth the money. It is very very soft and comfortable and very stretchy. When used with a small amount of lube, it really works well. The little finger thingies on the inside feel wonderful after about 30 sec. of good pumping. After about a week of heavy masturbating, that is, hard fast pumping twice daily I definitely got my money’s worth.”

In terms of overall quality and feel, the Optimale Endurance is another of our top picks for the best male masturbator you can buy right now.

The a hard case stroker with a built in squeeze plate grip that allows the user to control the pressure.

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PDX Elite Sure Grip Male Masturbator

The PDX Pjur Grip has much of the same great quality and feel of the PDX Elite, but at a much more affordable price.

Like other PDX masturbators, the Sure Grip comes with everything you need to get started including lube, toy cleaner and a 3-stage cock ring set.   Overall it is a pretty great deal.

Yes, you do miss out on some of the more premium features such as vibration and adjustable suction, but for this design it is the best male masturbator at about half the price.

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Colt Double Down Masturbator

The Colt Double Down is a two-in-one wonder.  With a double ended anal-oral design, you get twice the fun in one package.  The two designs each have a distinct feel with the extra tight anal hole and a smooth oral experience.

We have always been a fan of colt products and the double-down does not disappoint.  In term of realism and variety, it is the best male masturbator out there.

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The Super Sucker

If you are looking for a masturbator to give you the feeling of a real blowjob the super sucker is your best option.  The inside is nicely textured and the pronounced ribs give an instant bang of feeling.

Best of all at less than $30 it is one of the cheaper options out there.

MQ Reader Review:
This masturbater feels better than the real thing. I think it would make the perfect gift for some men. You don’t have to be real hard to get a lot of joy from it’s use. I would have liked to have known before buying was how natural and nice it felt and how it seems to grab and caress ones penis.

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Head Honcho

The Head Honcho is a sensational beast!  The entrance and interior tip both have raised nodules that hit the head and base of the penis.  Inside there are also three extremely tight suction chambers which enclose your penis and give your feeling on every part of your shaft.

The three rings are about half am inch apart, each with their own set of smaller simulators that massage your penis and really push things over the edge.

It may not look like much at first, but the Head Honcho is definitely a top pick for the best male masturbator you can buy, period.

MQ Reader Review:
Best Male Masturbator Ever! – “This is absolutely the BEST penis masturbator EVER. This one feels wonderful wrapped around your erect penis. And its closed ended design adds a wonderful sucking sensation that is unmatched by any other penis masturbator. I should know i have tried many and this one tops my list!” – ChronicMasturbator

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Optimale Reversible Stroker Rollerball

The Optimale Reversible stroker is a wonder to use.  With two different sensations on the inside and outside, the silicone sleeve is actually reversible.

Silky smooth on one side, and intensely textured roller ball studs on the other, both giving a unique feel.

MQ Reader Review:
I have used this toy and it feels great. The material is very soft and life like. You feel every ribbing with the stroke. Although this toy is smaller than some, it can fit in your hand and it does deliver a good amount of pleasure. The clean up is a breeze. I used this masturbation toy with Swiss Navy Water lube. That gave me a real experience.

At 5 inches long it also has an open end letting all sizes get in on the fun. 

The masturbator also includes a black box for travel and discrete storage.

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Vulcan Love Skin

The Vulcan Love Skin is a male masturbator from another world.  Its a compact design, with a great amount of suction and tension.

The inner material is slippery. tight and feels great to use. with just a little lube you can go to town and finish in no time.  In its price point of sub-$50 masturbators, it is one of the best options out there.

MQ Reader Review:
I Love This Thing! – “The best part is the push. Get balls deep and push harder – the hard plastic case presses the soft skin together and really squeezes the base of your dick. Kaboom! I have owned half a dozen inexpensive masturbators, and I like this one the best. At this price you can’t lose.”

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These are our picks for the best male masturbator.  Have you tried any of these personally?  Have any options that we left out?  Let us know in the comments below and Follow us on YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook.

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