Best Prostate Toys – Top 10 Best Prostate Massagers

For exploring anal orgasms, you’ll first need the right tools. In this list, you’ll find the 10 best prostate toys that will make you cum like you’ve never cummed before! Want some guaranteed satisfaction but too nervous to venture out? We’ve got your back!

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These prostate toys come in different shapes and sizes, with a variety of functions and vibrating modes for you to choose from. But they all have something in common… these best prostate toys will rock your world and blow your mind!

What is a Prostate Toy?

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The best prostate toys are designed and shaped to stimulate the prostate, or what is sometimes referred to as “The P-Spot”.  The P-Spot is a highly sensitive region located about an inch inside the anus.  Prostate toys are designed to be smooth and easy to insert, and press gently, massage, and even vibrate the p-spot for more intense orgasms. 

Best Prostate Toys

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The best prostate toys should be ergonomic, comfortable to use, and give you maximum prostate stimulation. These prostate toys are all top performers in their own right, but for the person who is just getting started, there is one prostate massager that stands out among the crowd.

Sonos Prostate Stimulator

Sonos prostate massager

Are you an anal play first-timer? Are you looking for the right prostate toy to explore anal orgasms?  For prostate play first-timers, the Sonos Prostate Stimulator is one of the best prostate toys for beginners! We review why we love the Sonos so much below.

Sonos Prostate Massager

Made from medical grade, skin-soft silicone, the surface is smooth, soft, and easy to insert.  The narrow tip and graduated shape is designed for comfort when using.  The base is made from hard plastic, with a rocker stimulator built-in.  The Sonos is the perfect toy for solo play or with a partner. The combination of design, ease of use, and price make it our top pick for your prostate year over year.

Material: Medical-Grade Silicone
Diameter: 2.3 cm. 
Insertable-Length: 10 cm. 
Features: Targeted Prostate Tip 
Difficulty Level: Anal First-Timers

Sonos best prostsate massager measurements
Sono Prostate Massager

View on MQ Store

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Dr. Joel Kaplan Graduated Prostate Probe

Dr joel kaplan graduated probe best prostate toys

I will admit, yes, this massager might look a bit weird, but stay with me. This is one of the best prostate toys out there exactly because of its ergonomically curved shape.

For people who have not yet learned about their back entrance capacity for pleasure, you can gradually ease this probe in.  Featuring pliable yet durable, premium silicone, a sturdy suction cup that can stick to most flat surfaces, and a ton of fun! Get yourself one now and find out how much you can take.

Dr joel kaplan graduated prostate probe black 1

View on: MQ Store

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Intro To Prostate Play Kit – 4 Piece

Intro to prostate play kit

Can’t decide which of these prostate toys to purchase? Why not have them all! Intro To Prostate Play Kit – 4 Piece includes all the best prostate toys you could ever ask for.

Assgasm Prostate Plug

This kit also comes with an excellent cock ring, for better and stronger prostate orgasms! Four soft satin toys in luxurious silicone, whether you want beads with a rounded tip or an erotic combination between cock ring and prostate toy, we have them all. This is genuinely the best deal for how many things you get.

Zero tolerance intro to prostate kit details

View on: MQ Store

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Vibrating Prostate Massagers

Looking to take your prostate play up a level. Vibrating massagers offer some great pros cons best outlined below. Besides the extra vibration, many of these massagers have high teck features like thrusting and rolling for an even more realistic experience!

Eclipse Tapered Roller Ball Probe

Eclipse Prostate Probe

The Eclipse Tapered Roller Ball Probe is a bad boy that can thrill even the most experienced users.  The 12 different intensity settings of vibration allow you to find your perfect stimulation and rhythm. Gradually turn it up and see how much excitement you can take! 

The bulbous P-spot tip can precisely roll back and forth, reinventing your idea of total climax. The Eclipse lets you amp up your back-door play a notch! That’s exactly why it’s on our best prostate toys list.

Eclipse tapered roller ball probe 6

View on: MQ Store

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Adam’s Rechargeable P-Spot Massager

Adam has a secret, and it is hands down one of the best prostate toys on the market.  So good that even Adam cannot put it down to help Eve. The Adam’s Rechargeable P-Spot Massager has a flexible shaft that will move with your body and provides an earth-shattering sensation through your entire body. 

The wireless remote control can be handed over to your partner, let them decide what type of vibration you deserve to experience.  Even the first man in the world needs to explore deeper inside.

Adam & eve rechargeable p spot massager 1

View on: MQ Store

$127.82Read more

Rocks Off Falex Anal Wand Prostate Massager Black

Are those huge anal vibrators too intimidating for your liking? This anal wand is small, easy to insert, and has more potential than it looks. Don’t be fooled by its small yet masculine design, the vibration is strong enough to knock your socks off.

With its accurate prostate stimulation, each vibration and each thrust is targeting right at your sweet spot. The sensory velvet touch adds extra luxury to the mix, you will feel like royalty every time you use the Rocks Off Falex Anal Wand Prostate Massager.

Rocks off falex anal wand prostate massager box

View on: MQ Store

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O Boy 7 Speed Waterproof Prostate Stimulator

Oh Boy! Don’t we have the perfect prostate toy for you! From P-Spot enthusiasts to beginners, the 7 Speed Waterproof Prostate Stimulator will put the O in OMG, make you scream the lord’s name more than you do in the church!

Clever angle and unique lines are all the best features in this stimulator, providing the perfect fit against your prostate. Its 7 modes of vibration will allow you to get to climax fast. Not to mention, its waterproof design makes it one of the best prostate toys to bring to water activities.

O boy best prostate stimulator waterproof black

View on: MQ Store

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Silicone Wireless Pleasure Probe Prostate Massager

Let’s dig deeper with the Silicone Wireless Pleasure Probe Prostate Massager. This prostate toy comes in two shades, (I personally recommend blue) because most other massagers are just plain black.

This prostate toy has too many cool features to count. Wireless controls? Check. Waterproof build? Check. 12 vibrating functions? Check, check, and check! Charge it with the included USB cord, then you are ready to derive pleasure from the continuous arousal and stimulation.  All of this tech and features make it the best prostate toy for the new in you. 

Pleasure probe silicone wireless 2

View on: MQ Store

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THrusting Prostate Toys

Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Thruster Black

Vibrating Ass Thruster

To take your backdoor play to another level, you need an Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Thruster for amping up your game! Thank the magic of science and innovation for this high-tech twist on anal play. It’s a toy that thrusts, moves, and vibrates like no other. 

Built from “ultra-elite” silicone which is body-safe and free from harmful toxins. It is designed for anyone who wants to enjoy the most powerful cumshot with ease. Wireless remote makes the process simple yet powerful.

Anal fantasy elite vibrating ass thruster black 1

View on: MQ Store

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The Gentle Prostate Black Vibrator

Gentle prostate vibrator best prostate toys

He is gentle yet powerful, sweet but ready to devour you as he pleases you over and over again. And yes, he is The Gentle Prostate Black Vibrator. Made from smooth outward material and a contoured shape that easily reaches that P-spot and makes you fall head over heels.

Countless great features make this product even better. With 7 speeds of vibration for you to choose for a pace that’s just right. Exploring your secret pleasure alone or with a partner using the wireless controller makes it another best prostate toy to choose from.

Zero tolerance the gentle prostate main

View on: MQ Store

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Check out the ultimate guide to prostate orgasms on YouTube.

How to Clean Your Prostate Toy

Male q sex toy cleaner

To clean your prostate toy, (assuming it is waterproof!) simply rinse it down with warm, soapy water. After cleaning, you should disinfect it with a dedicated sex toy cleaner.

Toy cleaners help to keep your toy hygienic, clean, and free of harmful germs and bacteria. They also help to ward off nasty smells and help extend the longevity of your new prostate toy.

Toy cleaner is a great way to keep your toy fresh, hygienic, and odor-free.

Universal toy cleaner 4oz
Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner 4.3oz

View on MQ Store

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Use a Quality Anal Lube

Male q anal lube sex toys tip

When using your prostate toy, it is essential to use a quality anal lube. This will make entry smooth and satisfying. An anal lube can help to increase comfort and elevate stimulation.

Our favorite anal lube is Analyse Me. It is water-based, toy compatible, and features a mild anal relaxant for easy entry.

Relaxing Ingredient: Jojoba Extract
Relaxant Strength: Mild
Lube Thickness: 3/5
Toy Compatible

Pjur analyse me comfort
Pjur Analyse Me Water 100ml

View on MQ Store

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Shoot Lube Deep Inside
Mr q lube shooter inside

Lube launchers work by shooting lube deep inside. This can make an anal play with your new prostate toy an absolute breeze! If you are planning to use a prostate toy, then lube injectors are a wonderful tool.

Lube shooter xl lubricant injector

View Lube Shooter XL on MQ Store

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Clean Up with an Anal Enema

Mr q male anal enema

Before using your prostate toy, you will want to clean up those pipes! An anal enema can help you to get a deep, thorough clean by shooting water deep inside. Douching before anal play will help to wash away any surprises left behind and give you an overall cleaner experience.

Removable Enema Tip
Smoothed Tube for Easy Insertion
EZ-Squeeze Enema Bulb
4 Sizes to Choose From

Anal enemas pros douche sizes
Universal Enema Medium 160ml

View on MQ Store

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Anal Sex Starter Kit

Best anal sex starter kit toys

For everything you need to get started with anal play, we recommend the Anal Sex Starter Kit. This comes with all the tools you need to get prepped, play, and clean up afterward. All together, it’s the easiest way to get started.

3 Piece Anal Plug Starter Kit
2 Cock Rings
2 Lube Injectors
Pjur Analyse Me Lube 100ml
Anal Enema
Toy Cleaner 100ml

Anal sex starter kit toys
Anal Sex Starter Kit

View on: MQ Store

$117.83Add to cart

These are the 10 best prostate toys of the year. What is your thought on these toys? Have you tried any of these yourself? Let us know down in the comments below!

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