Best Male Sex Toys You Need to Try in 2021

Best Male Sex Toys You Need to Try in 2021

It’s a new year, and you know what that means – a new wave of male sex toys that you should be paying attention to.  Whether you are a sex toy first timer, or a pro user, this is our list of MQ’s top picks, top sellers, and reader recommendations for the best male sex toys of 2021.

Best Male Sex Toys

Male Masturbators

For those who want the best of the best male sex toys, male masturbators or sometimes refereed to as flashlights are the perfect choice.

mr q recommends male best sex toys

PDX Elite Male Masturbator

pdx elite anal grip male masturbator

In its category the PDX EIite is as good as it gets.  The opening is made from patented Poly-Skyn which is realistic and feels almost life-like to use.


The base has two suction grips which you can squeeze to give you a nice amount of control on air-flow, suction, and tightness. The base is also equipped with a 10-speed vibration function with foes from a subtle tingle to an all out full vibration.

In addition, the PDX Elite also comes with everything you need to get started including lube, toy cleaner, and a 3 ring cock rings set.

If you want the best of the best, the PDX Elite is our top pick for the best male masturbator, making it one of the best male sex toys in its category.


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Optimale Endurance Trainer Ultraskyn Stroker

For those looking for a more traditional design, and just want a no frills, high performance masturbator, then the Optimale Endurance deserves a look.


Much like the PDX, this stroker comes with a soft silicone insert cupped by a hard plastic exterior grup.  The stroker is made from realistic, “Ultraskyn” material which is soft and durable.


Maybe one of the best design features is the “coffee mug” design, which when capped up and stowed away, does not attract much attention.

In terms of quality and feel, the Optimale is one of the best male sex toys you can buy right now.

MQ Reader Review:
“Just Wow!  Get balls deep and push hard – the plastic cup presses the soft skin together and really squeezes the base of your dick. Then… Kaboom! I have owned half a dozen high-quality masturbators, and I like this one the best. At this price you can’t lose.”

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For a full list of the best male masturbators you can also check out our break-down here.

Tenga Spinner Male Masturbator

Another MQ top pick this year for the best male sex toys this year is the Tenga Spinner Male Masturbator Series.  Made from a hydroponic clear silicone, the quality is top notch, which when paired with a water based lube (more on the below) is absolute ecstasy to use.

The opening in realistically shaped, and tight.  What will really throw you over the edge are the textured pollops on the inside.

Tenga Spinner Shell Male Masturbator
The Tenga Spinner Hexa is one of the best Male Sex Toys of the year!

These add bumps and texture to the experience and bring the amount of stimulation you get when compared to other male masturbators to a whole different level.

MQ Reader Review:
“I really love using this toy. It is nice and tight. It grips well and it feels amazing to use!  All around A+.”

Yeah, the Honcho isn’t nearly as tech-ed out or packed with features like some of your other options, but for a high quality stroker with 3 unique textures is a blast to use, the Head Honcho is still one of the best male sex toys, especially if you want to stay within a reasonable budget.

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Cock Rings

Best cock rings penis

Cock rings are some of the best male sex toys for anyone who is just getting started.  They are small, discrete, and dead-simple to use, especially if you are looking to experiment a bit for the first time.

Not only are cock rings some of the the most accessible male sex toys, they also offer some pretty great benefits.

Cock rings work by adding pressure at the base of the penis.  This makes your erections harder, making you last longer, and thus increase the strength of your orgasm.

Below are the best male cock rings you should be checking out this year.

Pro Adjustable XL Cock Ring Set of 2

Best Male Sex Toys You Need to Try in 2021 2

The Pro Adjustable was our top pick last year for the best cock ring for one reason – its simple design which gets the job done!

The quick-release button allows you to adjust the tightness to a comfortable strength, and lock your own size in place. This is a cock ring that will grow with you and can move to almost any size, especially as you become more accustomed to using it.

pro sensual adjustable cock ring penis

The smooth ball head design also helps to avoid pinching, a common problem in other adjustable rings.

Best of all, the quick release button allows you to quickly put it on and off, especially if you are in a “tight” situation.

MQ Reader Review:
“Wow after so many rings that not only failed to fit, but didn’t stay snug enough to do the job, this product is everything that it claims to be! I was very pleased with the ease of use and design for wearing and removal.  The way it is constructed made it easy to use.  It is also snug and comfortable without pinching. The results were quickly visible making me have a better erection. Thanks for a better rise!”

Overall, the Pro Sensual Adjustable XL is our pick for the best cock ring for almost everyone, making it one of the best male sex toys of the year.

pro sensual adjustable best cock ring

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Pro Cock Rings

Alloy Premium Cock Ring

best cock rings alloy

If you are looking for a cock ring on the more “premium side”, or if you are a more advanced user who is not afraid to try a solid band, then getting an alloy ring is really the way to go.

Like most metal bands, there are advantages to going this route as metal rings give more pressure and tension.

Another added plus is the variable temperature, which a cool sensation which you slip it on, that slowly warms up to match your body, getting to a level that is comfortable, almost to the point that you even forget you are wearing a ring at all.

For the best premium cock ring, and one of the best male sex toys over all, the Alloy Cock Ring is worth your attention.

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Cock Ring Sets

Pro Sensual Cock Ring Set of 3


For a real bang for your buck, the Pro Sensual Cock Ring Set is really three rings in one. 

The three staged diameters let you work up to a tighter size over time, and even wear multiple rings at once.

The ring shape is made form anti-tug silicone that won’t pull on skin and hairs, and can easily be rolled on and off.

MQ Reader Review:
“These cock rings work well, and create and enhance erections wonderfully. They are easy to get on and easy to get off – even after cumming.  Highly recommended.”

For a cock ring set that gives you a large amount of flexibility and freedom, the Pro Sensual Cock Ring Set gets all the best things right.

pro sensual cock ring set

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If you aren’t sure which rock ring is best for you, then we recommend checking out the cock-ring starter kit.  It comes with the most popular cock rings on the site with a pretty nice discount.

Best cock ring starter kit

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For a more in-depth guide to choosing the best cock ring, be sure to check out our full guide here.

best prostate massagers p spot stimulators

Prostate Massagers and Stimulators

I know the concept of a prostate massager might scare some people away, but hear me out.  Your prostate, or sometimes known as the male g-spot, is rightly named.

sonos prostate massager 3

When used the right way, a prostate massager can create the strongest orgasm you will ever have (and we are talking on orders of 10 times better).

No joke.

In all seriousness, if you are in a bit of a boring point in your sexual life, using a prostate stimulator can be the first step in opening a door into a world of sex that you have never experienced before.

If you don’t believe us, or want to learn more about your p-spot, check out our full walk through on prostate play for first timers here.

Sonos Prostate Stimulator

Sonos Prostate Massager

When it comes to buying your first prostate massager, the Sonos is about as close to perfect as it gets.  The Sonos comes in a beginner friendly size that is gradually tapered to about an inch thick at is widest point.

The stimulation nub area is made from a super-soft, skin-safe silicone which is high quality, smooth, and slides in with almost no effort at all.

sonos prostate massager 2

The head is also shaped in such a way which hits your prostate in just the right spot with a good amount of pressure. The sculpted design adds a nice bit of extra sensation, and when fully inserted, can throw you straight over the edge.

The base handle is also equipped with a finger grip, which let’s you “rock” it back and forth and offers a nice amount of control.

If you are looking for the best prostate massager, and another of the best over all male sex toys on the market right now, then get a Sonos.

You won’t be disappointed.

sonos best prostsate massager measurements

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Ass-Gasm Cock-Ring Prostate Massager Hybrid

Assgasm cock ring butt plug

The Ass-Gasm is a wonder of a toy.  The best we can describe it is a cock ring, butt plug, two-in-one combo that will throw you off your feet!The cock ring wraps around the base of your cock, and gives a push-pull force when you move stimulating your prostate. 


And boy, does this double-time stimulation between the base of your cock and your p-spot really gets the juices flowing!

How to use assgasm butt plug

What’s even better is that The Ass-Gasm is also versatile enough to be worn while jacking off, or when having sex.  It is easily one of the best male sex toys you can get in its category.

For those looking for a sexual stimulation overload that will literally have you leaking, then get your self an Ass-Gasm.


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The Ass Gasm also coves in a vibrating variant for even more stimulation.

Like the standard version, the starter kit includes the plug, lube, and toy cleaner to get you started.


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Prostate Play Starter Kit

The Assgasm also comes as a piece in a prostate starter kit that includes 4 of the best male sex toys for prostate play. This kit includes:

  • Anal Beads
  • An Anal Plug
  • Vibrator
  • AssGasm Prostate Cock-Ring
Prostate Starter Kit

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Male Sex Toy Essentials


mr q male anal lube sex toy

Mood Water Based Lube

Mood Silicone Lube

For the most versatile, do all lubricant, Mood covers all the right bases.  It is extra slippery, long-lasting, and has a great consistency.

The pump top is easy to use with one hand, which is especially useful if you are already into the game with your “hands full” and need to add a bit extra.

Best of all, the water base plays well with all sex toys, making it a great companion for all of the items we mentioned before.

MQ Reader Review:
“I really like the thickness of this lube. It stays where you put it and isn’t runny like most lubes. It worked really well for anal play too!”

Whether you are playing solo, or having sex, Mood is just a great lube all around.


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Swiss Navy Silicone

Silicone lubes have a few advantages over water lubes, mainly being that they don’t evaporate.

This means they never dry out making them extra long lasting, taking away the need to add more.

Swiss Navy is the best silicone lube we have ever tested.

I can tell you – you will get some pretty awesome results using it toys and for the real thing.

MQ Reader Review:
“This lube is great! Brings a new dimension to masturbation! Feels great and makes you never want to stop stroking it!”

If you are looking for a high quality lube that feels better than the rest, then Swiss Navy is your answer.

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Climax Bursts Tingling

Climax Bursts Tingling is a water based lube with an extra kick.  Not only is it a great lube on its own, it packs in some extra features we have rarely seen in other products.

As the name states, the included red sensation beads burst as you use it. This releases a tingling gel to give extra sensation which really add an extra level of stimulation to the fun.

Climax Bursts lubricant Variations

If you  have used regular lubes in the past, or have become a bit bored of your typical sex routine, Climax Bursts is an excellent way to add a bit of extra fun into the mix.

MQ Reader Review:
“I’ve tried all kinds of lubes, but I keep coming back to this one. It tingles enough to give you a sensation down there, but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable. The little beads pop and burst on contact, which was cool for both me and my boyfriend. They’re easy to use, and easy to clean up. I like that you don’t have to unscrew the top, also. (It just pops up.) I’ll definitely keep buying this one.”

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For a more in-depth look, be sure to check out our full guide of the best personal lubricants.

best prostate massagers p spot stimulators

best anal vibrators and probes

Best cock rings penis

There you have it.  These are our picks of the best male sex toys of 2020.  Have you tried any on the list?  Have any personal favorites we forgot to mention?  Let us know in the comments below and Follow us on YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook.

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