Best G-Spot Vibrators to Buy in 2024 for Women

Best G-Spot Vibrators for Ultimate Orgasms

Using a G-spot vibrator can give you better stimulation which translates to a targeted, pleasurable touch to this specific area. Below I will introduce you to the ten best G-spot vibrators that can help you discover better orgasms!

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Where is my G-Spot?

The G-spot is known to be magical, yet is sometimes doubted to exist. Yes, every woman has it. The G-spot on the roof of the vagina is about 2.5 to 3 inches inside at about 12 o’clock when lying on your back.

This special spot is something all women should learn to explore. How? The easiest way is with the help of the best G-Spot vibrators which are shaped and designed to hit the G-Spot in the most effective way!

What are the Best G-Spot Vibrators?

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The best G-Spot Vibrator for most people is the Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile. In terms of design, and pure ability to target the G-spot and bring you to orgasm, it is the top vibrator we have tested this year.

Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile G-Spot Purple Vibrator

Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile Best G-Spot Vibrator

The Charming Smile’s secret is in its pleasingly curved shape and Silk Touch surface with a satin finish and the little handle at the end.

Not sure which level to start your journey with? Go for the lowest setting and let yourself explore all the vibration programs that are made up of 6 intensities and 6 heavenly rhythms. As the vibes are perfectly distributed over the entire shaft, they intensely stimulate in both the tip and the lower part as well. This one is one of the ten best G-spot vibrators, I bet it will not take you long to figure out why this beauty is called a charming smile.

Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile 2
Satisfyer G-Spot Vibrator

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Original price was: $89.81.Current price is: $84.68.Add to cart

Lelo Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator

LELO Gigi 2 Best G-Spot Vibrator

If you aren’t “most people” and you are looking for the absolute top experience regardless of price, then the Lelo Gigi Series 2 is the G-Spot Vibrator to get. This vibrator is a revamped classic favorite: it’s an enhanced version of LELO’s wildly popular G-spot vibrator, featuring a signature flattened tip rests perfectly on the G-Spot for maximum stimulation of your erogenous zone.

It comes with even softer silicone, a fully waterproof design, and a 100% increase in power. Its 8 different vibration patterns will lead you on a waltz into ecstasy, where the intensities of pleasure become impossible to describe. It is rechargeable, whisper-quiet, travel-friendly, and its flat head is also great for great clitoral stimulation.  If you are looking for the best g-spot vibrator money can buy, then the Lelo Gigi is for you.

MQ Reader Review:
“I had the 1st Gigi and I thought it was fantastic. In fact, it was my all-time favorite g-spot vibrator. This toy was always awesome for both clitoral and G-spot, but now with the extra power, it just blows me away. And, still has all the great qualities of the first one (silky texture, perfect g-spot curve, and flat, rounded head that feels so great against the g-spot). Plus it is rechargeable, which I really like. Gigi 2 is now my fave go-to G-spot vibe.”

8-Speed Vibration Mode
Gen-2 Vibration Motor
Super-Soft Silicone

Lelo Gigi G-Spot Vibrator – Pink

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Original price was: $250.00.Current price is: $241.87.Add to cart

Satisfyer Vibes Master XXL Vibrator

Satisfyer Vibes Master XXL Best G-spot Vibrator

Looking for just the right dimensions and a generously proportioned toy? The Master XXL simply tempts you with its size and gives a satisfying “Full” feeling. This has a good reason for being listed among the ten best G-spot vibrators.

Given the 12 powerful vibration settings and its diameter of 1.75 inches, it is very easy to believe that this master model will leave you completely filled. The Master XXL is made of skin-like silicone, has a waterproof finish, and comes with rechargeable batteries. Minimalist natural design with a slight curve, mixed with a wonderfully slippery finish makes it a must-try. We can guarantee that things will get especially wet and wild.

MQ Reader Review:
“Oh my God!! I didn’t expect it to be so big, insane… I just unpacked it, charged it, slipped it in, and off we went. My god this toy, it hits my g-spot every time! One orgasm after another I stopped counting after 3. I want my boyfriend to try it out with me :).

12 Powerful Vibration Settings
Diameter: 1.75 In. (45mm)
Insertable Length: 7 In.
IPX7 Waterproof
Magnetic USB Rechargeable

Satisfyer Vibes Master XXL Vibrator Size
Satisfyer XXL G-Spot Vibrator

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Fantasy For Her Flexible G-Spot Vibrator

Fantasy For Her Flexible Please Her G-Spot Vibrator

When you are stuck at home there is nothing better than this purple, playful pal to cheer you up! This pleasurably curved vibrator is bound to get the sun shining for you. It has a wide ribbed shaft attachment for excellent G-spot stimulation.

It has multiple tingly vibrating programs and a practical retaining ring with an integrated control panel helping you find your favorite vibe intuitively at the push of a button. The vibes are perfectly distributed over the entire shaft so that they intensely stimulate in both the tip and the lower part as well.

The material quickly adjusts to your body temperature. Even if you feel like your G-spot is on fire, this friend, one of the ten best G-spot vibrators won’t give you a cold shoulder, I promise.

Fantasy For Her Flexible Please Her 3
Fantasy Flex G-Spot Vibrator

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Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

Butterfly Kiss rechargeable Female Vibrator

Who doesn’t know the flattery feeling we call butterflies in the stomach? That recognizable and odd sensation deep in your gut? We know even better, it’s one of the ten best G-spot vibrators and it’s called Butterfly Kiss! It is the ultimate in total feminine arousal.

Using it will definitely increase your heart rate and give you shivering thanks to its three powerful ascending speeds of vibration and optimum fluttering wings with tantalizing antennae.’The teardrop style head is great on the G-spot and the wings on the butterfly stimulate the clit.’ Trying this device will give you butterflies, well, not only in your stomach.

Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

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Vibrator Wands

Wand style vibrators are long, rigid, slimmer than your typical g-spot vibrator. Thank to their unique shape and size, vibrator wands are easier to maneuver and target the g-spot with a high level of firmness and dexterity.

Noje G Slim Rechargeable Vibrator Wisteria 

Noje G Slim Rechargeable Vibrator Wisteria

This beauty coming with a smooth seamless design is angled for perfect, G-spot stimulation! Its sleek design includes an angled head that can deliver more power to your G-spot for earth-shattering orgasms, it might become your must-take wherever you go from now on.

MQ Reader Review:
This is my first toy for the g-spot. So far it works great! I love the various speeds. I would recommend this product to anyone else who is looking to add some spice to their fun in the bedroom!

The good news is that don’t need to leave it outside while in the shower as it is waterproof. You can control its multispeed vibrations with the twist of its base.

The extra-long handle gives you a satisfying grip that is easy to angle and maneuver. For the price and simplicity, it is another top pick for the best g-spot vibrators you can buy right now.


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Neon Luv Touch Slender G Pink Vibrator


When wanting to turn bath time into pleasure time while you are in the mood for a little party, no need to search any further. The incredible Neon Slender G vibe will certainly give you just the right touch of satisfaction with a super silky Luv Touch coating.

MQ Reader Review:
Recently bought this. It is my first toy and honestly, I was surprised. I just put it to use and WwowW! I’m a very “clitoral” girl, and this got the job done, I came so fast. This is a great product! It’s a good length and width for a vibe, has a very soft coating over it. A guaranteed A+++. I always judge a product by reviews, you won’t be disappointed!

This powerful multispeed vibe has an ergonomically curved tip for amazing stimulation. Don’t worry about the noise as it doesn’t make much! Choose a speed that is right for you and let the silent vibrations whisk you away. Works even better with a little lube for an extra wet, extra wild encounter. Try one of the ten best G-spot vibrators: neon up, and attend your best solo party ever!

NEON LUV TOUCH SLENDER Best G-Spot Vibrators Purple
Neon Love G-Spot Probe – Purple

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Lucid Dream No 14 Multi-Speed G-Spot Vibrator

Lucid Dream Best G-Spot Vibrator

Check out this waterproof multispeed massager said to truly be a dream come true. Listed among the ten best G-spot vibrators the curve and shape of its bulbous head is specifically designed to deliver incredible G-spot stimulation, and the shaft is ergonomically shaped to fit the curves of a woman’s anatomy.

Ever wondered what the key to the right vibration concentration is? Well, it has to be at the tip, that is right where women can most enjoy the vibes. This massager has multi-speed vibrations and its firm yet flexible body makes hitting the right place much easier. You can control the speeds easily with a simple spin dial at the base, but you won’t be able to control your orgasms, especially in the shower, trust me!

Lucid Dream G-Spot Vibrator Pink
Lucid Dream Vibrator – Pink

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Hands-Free Vibrating G-Spot Stimulators

Sometimes the simple answer is the most useful. In this case, a traditional non-vibrating G-Spot massager can come up against the best g-spot vibrators for some serious competition. These are our picks of the best manual G-Spot massagers.

Remote Pinpoint Pleaser G-Spot Plug

Silicone Remote Pinpoint Pleaser Purple Plug Best G-Spot Vibrator

Indulge in your wildest fantasies with the Pinpoint G-Spot Pleaser, a uniquely-shaped g-spot stimulator designed to fulfill your deepest desires. Featuring a tantalizing roller ball tip, a ribbed shaft, and 12 thrilling vibration modes, this seductive probe is sure to excite your every sense with each teasing touch.

Adjust the intensity of your pleasure with the included remote control. The bulbous G-spot stimulator delivers precise back-and-forth rolling motions that redefine passion, while the curved massager vibrates in harmony with 12 different orgasmic settings. Feel the ribbed stimulator tickle your most sensitive spots and send you soaring into ecstasy. This flexible vibe is made from hygienically superior silicone – a body-safe material that’s unscented and phthalate-free for optimal health and happiness.

MQ Reader Review:
“The curved tip is great and the angle the ridges to reach your clit. You’ll be cumming in no time. I love glass toys because they are Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.” – KittyKat

Rollerball G-Spot Stroker
12 Vibration Modes
Remote Control
Waterproof & USB Rechargeable

Insertable Length: 4 Inches
Material: Silicone

Remote Pinpoint Pleaser

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Fantasy For Her Stimulate-her G-Spot Vibrator

Fantasy For Her Best G-Spot Vibrator Stimulate-her

The Fantasy For Her Stimulate-her G-Spot Vibrator is a phthalates-free, silicone-made toy that comes feature-packed. The remote control gives your hands-free play and the built-in warming function to heat it up to a body-like 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

This multi-function vibrator is USB-rechargeable and features dual motors for intense, multi-speed vibrations, perfect for G-Spot stimulation. With an insertable length of 3.5 inches, it is easy to use and maneuver. Did we mention that it also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, ready to use right out of the box? Get ready to explore your body’s desires and experience a new level of pleasure.

MQ Reader Review:
“Ohhh! I love the shape, feel, material everything! Sooo easy to pop my bottle on this toy! Love it!”

Stimulate-her G-Spot Vibrator

Material: Silicone
Multi-Speed Dual Vibration Motor
Remote Controlled
Built-in Heating and Temperature Control
USB Rechargeable

Fantasy For Her G-Spot Vibrator Stimulate-her Box
Stimulate-her G-Spot Vibrator

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Use a Lube with Your Vibrator For Smoother Stimulation

miss q female sex toys lube

To get the most out of your new vibrator, we recommend pairing it with a quality lube. The Right lube will help make using your toy more confutable and smooth – and even multiply its sensation!

Our favorite lube to use with Female Sex Toys is Pjur Woman. It is designed specifically for vaginal play and sensitive skin. It is tasteless, odorless, and non-toxic. The water variant is extra smooth and plays friendly with all toys.

Tasteless, Odorless, and Non-Toxic
Designed Vaginal Play
Plays Well With All Toys

PJUR women silicone 100ml smile
Pjur Woman’s Aqua – 100 ml

View on: MQ Store

Original price was: $47.99.Current price is: $41.72.Add to cart

Use an Enema to Prep

miss q female enema

For those looking for an extra degree of cleanliness, consider using an enema. Douching before using your new toy will help give you extra peace of mind, improve hygiene, and protect your toy in the long term.

Removable Enema Tip
Smoothed Tube for Easy Insertion
EZ-Squeeze Enema Bulb
4 Sizes to Choose From

anal enemas pros douche sizes
Universal Enema Medium 160ml

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Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $24.97.Add to cart

How to Clean Your G-Spot Vibrator

miss q female sex toy cleaner

Using a toy cleaner is essential to keeping your vibrator fresh and safe. Toy cleaner works by killing any germs and funny smells that might be lingering behind, even after washing with soap and hot water.

Toy cleaner is a great way to keep your toy fresh, hygienic, and odor-free.

Universal Toy Cleaner 4oz
Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner 4.3oz

View on MQ Store

Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $19.78.Add to cart

These are our picks of the best G-spot vibrators of the year. Do you have any favorites we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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