Best Enema for Anal Sex in 2024 – Top 10 Douches for Cleaner Fun

best enema for anal sex

Hygiene and anal sex go hand-in-hand. The fastest, easiest way to prepare for anal sex is to douche with an enema. Here is our choice for the best enema for anal sex.

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Is Anal Douching Before Anal Sex Neccesary?

mr q male anal enema

Anal enemas, or “douches” work by shooting water into the anal cavity and flushing out residue still lingering behind. Douching before anal play is a great way to get clean and reduce the anxiety you might have about hygiene. Using an enema before anal sex can help you to get a deeper clean, and lead to more comfortable, clean, and satisfying anal sex.

What is an Anal Enema?

An anal enema, also known as a rectal enema, is a tool used to clean, or “douche” the colon. They work by injecting a liquid solution into the rectum to cleanse the colon. The solution can be made of various ingredients, such as warm water, saline solution, or other substances. Enemas work by loosening and softening fecal matter in the colon, making it easier to pass leading to a cleaner, more hygienic experience.

Although an anal enema is most commonly used to relieve constipation or to prepare for certain medical procedures, it can also be used to clean and prepare for anal sex.

Best Enema for Anal Sex

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Enemas typically come in 2 main types: bulbs and hoses. Bulb enemas have a pouch that can be filled with water and injected directly. Hosed enemas are fed by a tube that can hook directly to a faucet and shoot water directly inside. We help you choose the best enema for anal sex from each category, and walk you through finding the right enema for your needs.

Universal Anal Enema

Best Anal Enema Pros Douche

The best enema for anal sex is the Universal Enema. It has a simple design and is made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone. It is the most popular style because of its ease of use making it ideal for first-timers.

This standard anal enema comes with a flexible enema bulb that can be filled with water. The removable tip is made from rounded, smooth plastic, making for comfortable and easy insertion.

It is a simple design that is easy to use, and a breeze to clean up! Simply insert the tip and squeeze the enema bulb to shoot water deep inside. Best of all, it comes in 4 unique sizes and lets you choose a design that is best for you. As a helpful tip, most MQ buyers get the Medium Size.

Removable Enema Tip
Smoothed Tube for Easy Insertion
EZ-Squeeze Enema Bulb
4 Sizes to Choose From

anal enemas pros douche sizes
Universal Enema Medium 160ml

View on MQ Store

$24.97Add to cart

Ribbed Red Anal Douche

Red Ribbed Best Enema for Anal Sex

The Red Ribbed Anal Douche is for people looking for an anal enema that is on the more “high end”. As seen on television in the Keeping up with the Kardashians series, the Anal Enema is made from high-quality materials we have come to expect.

The Ribbed Red gives you a better level of versatility and can be used with or without the ribbed attachment. The removable nib on the top can also change the spray style. This is the best enema for anal sex if you want something with a bit of fun and flare. Get cleaned up like the porn stars do, and give this one a “shot”.

MQ Buyer Review:
Hands down the best Douche kit I ever used. Very easy to use and clean. The only thing to remember, is to keep pressure on the bulb as you remove it or it can cause back wash, but this is true with any douche it. As an added bonus, the extra attachment can also be used as a standalone toy. 

Insertable Length: 4 in (10.25 cm)
2 Tubes Included: Ribbed & Slender
Easy-Clean Disassembly
6.75 oz (200ml) Bulb

Colt Anal Douche Best enema (1)
Ribbed Red Anal Douche

View on: MQ Store

$39.97Add to cart

Rippled Anal Enema Douche

Rooster Tail Cleaner Rippled Best Anal Enema

Soft, flexible, and gentle – the Ripple anal enema is maybe one of the most comfortable anal enemas to use. This classic anal douche with a bulb is made from 100% medical-grade silicone, this is the best enema for anal sex, especially for extra sensitive skin.

Rippled Anal Enema

The Beaded head is smooth, sealed, and stimulating. Each bead pops into place the deeper you go, gently sliding over its curvy surface. The enema bulb can be easily screwed on and off for easy filling and cleaning. Overall, we are impressed with the Ripple Enema’s build and overall quality.

Soft, Flexible Enema Head
Material: 100% Silicone
EZ-Twist Head
Insertable Length:
4 in (10.25 cm)
8 oz (235ml) Bulb

Rippled Anal Enema
Rippled Anal Enema

View on: MQ Store

$42.78Select options

Cleanstream Pump Action Enema

Cleanstream Pump Action Best Anal Enema

We have to admit – we have never tasted anything like it. This innovative anal enema is truly one of a kind. With a one-hand pump-fed enema hose, this anal enema literally shoots water inside! This might be the best enema for anal sex in this kind of form factor. The 10oz bottle can hold an impressive amount of water, and the soft enema tips are easy to insert. Overall, it is a portable, innovative enema worth checking out.

Cleanstream Pump Action Enema Hand

10.1oz (300ml) Bottle
One-Hand Push-Pump Design

Gentle Silicone Tip
Insertable Length: 4.5 in (11.4cm)

Cleanstream Pump Action Enema 5
Clean Stream Pump Enema

View on: MQ Store

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Douches and Enemas Sets

Anal enema sets come with multiple heads for a deeper clean. These douches are typically designed for the more advanced user and feature thicker heads, bigger bulbs, and more options to choose from. The best enema for anal sex in this category should be comfortable to use and give you the most versatility to get a deeper, more thorough cleaning.

Fresh Deluxe Soft Tip Anal Enema Douche

Cloud 9 Fresh Deluxe Soft Tip Best Anal Enema Douche

The Fresh Delux Set includes not one, not two, but three enema heads! If you are a more experienced user looking for a deeper clean, this might just be the best enema for anal sex to try out. The flat-bottomed enema bulb can hold an impressive 350ml of water, and be placed on a flat surface to prevent spills The 3 Heads are easy to remove thanks to the EZ Twist design. All-in-all, this is one of the best anal enemas for the pro user.

3 Nozzles: 4 in, 5.75 in, & 7 in.
11.8 oz (350 ml) Flat-Bottomed Bulb
EZ Twist Heads
PVC Bulb

Cloud 9 Fresh Deluxe Soft Tip Anal Enema Douche 2
Delux Anal Enema – Set of 3

View on: MQ Store

$42.74Add to cart

Ultra Douche Triple Black

Ultra Triplle Enema Set

The Ultra Unisex Douche Black is the perfect anal enema for him or her. It comes with three different nozzle types: plug, smooth, and beaded. This is perfect for anyone looking to get ready with a little extra “stimulation”. The Ultra Douche comes with a sizable bulb of 3 inches by 3 inches, and the nozzle heads come in at a respectable insertable length of 6 to 7 inches. This is an enema with versatility and a bit of kink.

Ultra Douche Triple Black

View on: MQ Store

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Fresh Premium Water Bottle Douche Enema Kit

Fresh Premium Water Bottle Douche Kit Best enema for anal sex

Looking to flush deeper? Do you need a heavy-duty enema that cleans deep? In a league of its own, the Fresh Water Bottle Douche can deliver over 6 times the water than any other enema bulb on this list. at 64 oz, we are talking medical-grade enema deep cleaning. This kit comes with a 5-foot hose and 2 soft-tip enema heads. In its class, it is the best enema for anal sex, especially for deeper, more thorough cleanings.

64 oz (1.89 liter) Rubber Enema Bag
2 Comfort Nozzles: 2 in. (5 cm) & 5 in. (12.7 cm)
Includes: Hanging Hook, Shut-off Clamp & 2 Tips
Hose: 5 ft. (1.5m)

Fresh Premium Water Bottle Douche Kit 2
Water Bottle Anal Enema

View on: MQ Store

$29.71Add to cart

Shower Enemas

best shower enema anal douches

Showerhead enemas are another great alternative, to traditional bulb enemas. These work by attaching to a shower or sink faucet, and shoot water directly inside. Shower enemas come in a variety of designs and sizes, but here are our favorites.

Delux Anal Enema Premium Shower Kit

shower shot hose douche

The Cloud 9 Premium Shower Kit is our choice for the best shower enema for anal sex. It comes with 2 tips and a 6-foot Stainless Steel Hose that can be easily installed on your shower or sink faucet.

The 6-foot hose is long enough to make preparing for anal sex quick and simple. The included nozzles are made from quality silicone and measure 4.5 inches and 9 inches long. The tip is soft, easy to insert, and removable for cleaning. All-in-all it is the best shower enema for most people.

MQ Buyer Review:
Feels absolutely great going in and does a great job of cleaning out my ass. This will be a permanent addition to every shower that I take from now on.

6 Foot (182 cm) Hose
Stainless Steel
Twist Connect to Most Faucets
4.5 in. (11.4 cm) and 9 in. (22.85 cm) Nozzles

Premium Shower Enema Kit

View on: MQ Store

$57.85Add to cart

Colt Shower Shot Water Dong

Colt Shower Shot Dildo Douche

Another favorite from Colt, this shower head also comes with an insertable 6.5-inch soft jelly dong. The showerhead can be used with or without the dong attached. The hose in this kit is a bit shorter, at 42 inches, which is still long enough for most people. The Colt water Dong gets our award for what may be the hottest shower enema available.

MQ Buyer Review:
No more having to repeatedly rinse off my toys and empty my rectum while playing! I initially inserted it with the water off, using a water lube. Once inside, and when the flow of water began, it flushed out my entire colon. Lubing up afterward and training with my 8″ x 1.75″ dildo, and having it pulling out clean and ready to return in deeper! I highly recommend this for anal enthusiasts and beginners alike.

6.5 in. Bendy Dong
42 in. (106cm) Hose
Chromed Steel Metal Hose

Colt Shower Shot Water Dong
Colt Water Shot Dong

View on: MQ Store

$74.71Add to cart

Clean Stream All-In-One Anal Enema

Clean Stream All In One BEST Anal Enema Cleansing System

Stuck between a showerhead or bulb-style enema? How about both? This kit includes one of the best enemas for anal sex plus a shower hose to boot! The Clean Stream Cleaning System gives you an all-in-one package that is versatile.

The included 10 oz enema bulb is massive on its own, and the 2 included enema heads can be hooked up directly to a faucet via the metal, 2-meter hose.

Stainless Steel, 79 in. (2 meter) Hose
2 Screw-On Nozzles
: 10 in. (25 cm) 5.5 in. (14cm)
10 oz (295ml) Travel Bulb

Clean Stream All In One Anal Enema Cleansing System 1
All-in-one Anal Douching Kit

View on: MQ Store

$88.74Add to cart

Anal Sex Starter Kit

best anal sex starter kit toys

For everything you need to get started, check out the anal sex starter kit. This not only includes our pick of the best enema for anal sex, at 9 oz (265ml), but also anal lube, cleaner, cock rings, lube injector, and a 3-piece anal trainer plug kit.

If you are new to anal sex, this is a great way to practice with a toy on your own and work up to more realistic sizes. Bundled together they can also save you a bit of money too.

3 Plug Silicone Anal Trainer Kit
2 Cock Rings
2 Lube Injectors
Anal Enema (90ml)
Pjur Analyse Me Lube (100ml)
Toy Cleaner (100ml)

anal sex starter kit Silicone
Anal Sex Starter Kit

View on: MQ Store

$112.72Add to cart

The best enema for anal sex will really come down to your own needs and preferences.

If you would like more information, be sure to check out our other articles about using an anal enema. But to give you a quick rundown:

How to Use an Anal Enema

how to use an anal enema

Using an anal enema is pretty straightforward. What it really comes down to is doing your best to use the bathroom naturally, and then flush away anything left behind with an anal enema. Once you have chosen your enema, you can head on over to our full guide about how to use an anal enema here for an in-depth walk-through.

These are our picks for the best enema for anal sex. Have you used any of these enemas? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

For more help choosing the best anal enema be sure to check out our other buyer’s guides. We go in-depth for each product category to help you select the best toys.

How to Clean Your Anal Enema

male q sex toy cleaner

After using an anal toy, it is important to clean and disinfect it properly. This can be achieved by simply washing it thoroughly with soap and hot water. To get the deepest and safest clean though, it is best to also clean your toy with a disinfecting toy cleaner.

They work by neutralizing any lingering bacteria and smells that soap and water can miss. This will help to extend the life of your toy and protect both you and your enema.

Toy cleaner is a great way to keep your toy fresh, hygienic, and odor-free.

Universal Toy Cleaner 4oz
Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner 4.3oz

View on MQ Store

$19.78Add to cart

These are our top picks of the best anal douches and enemas this year. Do you have any tips for cleaner anal sex? Let us know in the comments below!

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