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Pjur Backdoor Anal Lube



Pjur Backdoor Anal Lube


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Year over year, Pjur Backdoor Anal Lube silicone remains an MQ Reader’s Choice for the Best Anal Relaxant! With a high quality silicone base and powerful built in relaxing agent, Backdoor is designed specifically for anal sex.

Pjur Backdoor Silicone Anal Lube

Pjur’s specially formulated anal lube is great for those looking for an extra strong relaxing effect and ideal for those who have had trouble with pain in the past, or anal sex first-timers.

MQ’s Best Selling Anal Relaxant!

Pjur Backdoor Silicone in Hand

Powerful Relaxing Effect

Pjur Backdoor is enriched with relaxing jojoba, is a double effect silicone based anal lubricant created for men who prefer intense anal penetration.  Feel a level of pleasure and comfort you never thought possible form anal play!

Pjur Backdoor Silicone Nozzle

Pjur Backdoor anal silicone personal lubricant intended to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity.

Pjur Backdoor Silicone Consistency

Made from a high-quality, durable silicone base, this unique formula provides a level of lubrication, comfort, and slickness unmatched by any other silicone lubricant on the market!

Pjur Backdoor Silicone Cap Off

Check Out Our Complete Pjur Backdoor Review

For an in-depth look and our take on using this lube, be sure to check out our full Backdoor review here. And don’t just take out work for it – Pjur has been rated the MQ readers choice for the best anal relaxant for 4 years running.


Just like all silicone lubes, you can rest assured that this formula is condom safe.  Compatible with natural rubber latex, synthetic polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.

Pjur Love Main Cover

Apply this lubricant to vaginal, anal, or penile tissue for lubrication and moisturizing. The formula ensures the extra long-lasting lubricating effect.


Additional information

Weight200 g

100 ml, 100 ml + Shooter, 250 ml, 250 ml + Shooter




1 review for Pjur Backdoor Anal Lube

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    My partner is very sexual, especially when it comes my backside… We love anal sex and when she lubes me up to get ready to fuck me I want to be nicely lubed up. This Back Door formula makes for some great ass fucking for both of us! We used this for the first time the other night and I have never felt better pleasure while getting nicely fucked in the ass. If you have not tried this yet you are missing out.

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