Anal Eze Anal Relaxant Gel

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Enhance the pleasure of anal intercourse with desensitizing lubrication. The Anal Eze Anal Relaxant Gel’s high potency formula eliminates any discomfort and provides the ultimate in anal sex satisfaction.

Anal Eze Anal Relaxant Gel

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Anal Eze Desensitizing Gel – Let Us Elevate Your Anal Pleasure to New Heights Experience the ultimate in anal pleasure with Anal Eze Desensitizing Gel. Designed to enhance the pleasure of anal intercourse, this high-potency formula is the key to unlocking a world of satisfying sensations. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to unparalleled satisfaction with Anal Eze.

Anal Eze’s potent formula is specially crafted to eliminate any discomfort associated with anal play, allowing you to fully indulge in the pleasures of anal sex. With its smooth and slick texture, this unscented gel provides the perfect balance of lubrication and desensitization, ensuring a pleasurable and worry-free experience.


Crafted for couples who seek a pleasurable adult experience, Anal Eze is a must-have personal lubricant that takes your intimate encounters to new heights. Its medium strength formula provides the right amount of desensitization without sacrificing sensation, allowing you and your partner to explore new realms of pleasure together.

Unscented and discreet, Anal Eze is designed to provide a pleasurable and comfortable experience without any distracting fragrances. This anal gel is formulated specifically for anal use, making it the ideal lubricant for those seeking unparalleled satisfaction during anal intercourse.

Anal Eze Desensitizing Gel 1.5 fluid ounces second

With Anal Eze Desensitizing Gel, you can trust that every moment of your intimate experience will be smooth, slick, and satisfying. Unlock the pleasure of anal play and enjoy a heightened level of pleasure and intimacy with your partner.


Indulge in the pleasures of anal pleasure with Anal Eze Desensitizing Gel. With its unscented, medium-strength formula, this anal gel is the perfect companion for couples seeking a pleasurable and comfortable adult experience. Elevate your intimate encounters and embrace the ultimate in anal sex satisfaction with Anal Eze.

Smooth and slick – this unscented, medium strength gel is a must have personal lubricant for couples who want a pleasurable adult experience.

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Dimensions 44 × 1.5 in

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