Anal Enemas & Douches

Anal enemas and douches are designed to help make anal sex prep easier. Get a deeper clean with bulbs and shower attachments designed to help you flush things out for a squeaky clean bum.

Anal Enemas & Douches

best enema for anal sex
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Browse a variety of enema types from traditional bulb shaped enemas, to more advanced shower hose attachments. Shoot water deep inside for the deepest clean possible.

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Bulb Enemas

Red Ribbed Best Enema for Anal Sex

The bulb design with removable tip is a tried and tested combination. Simply full up the pouch with water and squeeze to shoot water inside. Choose from smooth, ribbed, or curved nozzles for even more variety.

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Shower Enemas

Clean Stream All In One BEST Anal Enema Cleansing System

Attach the shower hose to any standard faucet head for even faster douching. Cleanup is as simple as turning on the faucet, and inserting the spout.  Get the deepest clean possible with a shower hose attachment.

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Lube Injectors

Best Lube Shooter XL Lubricant Launcher

Shoot water, and even lube deep inside to prepare for anal sex.  Just fill the tube with your favorite lubricants and shoot it inside.  Lube tubes are the ideal tool for cleanup and pre-lubrication for cleaner, smoother sex.

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All Enemas and Douches

The top selling, most popular anal enemas and douches from all categories.  Lube syringes, bag enemas, bulbs, shower hoses and nozzles for anal play prep and hygiene.

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