Cleanstream Discreet Shower Enema Set

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Cleanstream Discreet Shower Enema Set by Xr llc in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Anal Sex Toys.

Cleanstream Discreet Shower Enema Set


Clean with ease without complicated assembly and disassembly between sessions with this Shower Enema Set! Transform your shower into your personal enema station to clean your pipes in a comfortable, easy-to-clean environment. This Discreet Shower Enema Set is built for those who want a system that melds with their daily life, while staying available for on-demand use when needed. The included shower head provides all the benefits of a normal shower, with the silicone enema nozzle hidden within so you can enema whenever you want with a simple twist of the wrist!


Everything you need to convert your shower into your personal enema is included in this Enema Set: a shower head holder, hose and valve housing, valve regulator, gaskets, silicone enema nozzle, and 5 setting shower head. The metal hosing is lightweight, flexible, and pinch-free while the silicone enema nozzle is soft and flexible with 5 holes to clean every crook and corner of your anal cavity. This Enema Set is compatible with most shower systems, and installs without the need for tools!

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The premium silicone nozzle is made with a plush, velvety silicone formula that is phthalate free, latex free, and body safe for worry free enema session. Make anal play easier and more accessible by making the preparation phase as quick and seamless as possible with this Discreen Shower Enema Set!


Shower Head Measurements: Shower head overall length 8.6 inches, nozzle overall length 5 inches, insertable length 4 inches, widest insertable diameter 0.7 inches

Hose Measurements: Overall length 57 inches, hose width 0.5 inches, thread diameter 0.75 inches.

Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic, Metal.

Weight: 0 pounds. Length: Inches
Released on 2021/7/11


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