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Anal Enema Douche W/ 2 C-RINGS – Purple

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Cloud 9 Fresh Plus 7.6 ounces EZ Squeeze Douche Kit makes preparing for intercourse quick and simple. This soft, easy to use enema bulb is a handy device to clean the rectum or vagina; made with a premium soft and flexible tip to contour to your body.

Bonus C-Rings: Cloud 9 cock rings are made of phthalate free, non-toxic thermoplastic rubber TPR. They are comfortable and made specifically for your safety and hygiene during intimate play. You can use Cloud 9 cock rings individually or together.

Cock rings can give you a longer lasting erection by trapping the blood supply in the penis and intensifying your orgasm! Bonus cock rings include a 30 day consumer warranty. How to use: this high quality kit is completely safe and brings great results in the comfort of your own home.

Our enema bulb is composed of two parts: the first is a flexible, deep clean nozzle that is easy to insert and comfortable to remove.

The second is a flat bottomed bulb that is specially designed to resist tipping over. Simply fill the bulb with your desired fluid, insert the tip, and slowly press the bulb to release the liquid. When you are finished, the parts detach for a quick cleanup in warm, soapy water.

Care and cleaning: thoroughly clean the Cloud 9 EZ Squeeze Bulb and C-rings before and after each use. You can wash with antibacterial soap or use Cloud 9 Toy Cleaner.

Store in a cool dry place after cleaning. Specifications: 7.6 ounces. Nozzle tip length 2.25 inches insertable. Color purple color with black tip. Soft PVC EZ squeeze bulb nozzle. Extra thin nozzle.


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