Skwert Medium 8 Oz

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The Skwert Medium 8 Oz is a 4 piece douche kit designed for individuals who prioritize cleanliness and hygiene during their intimate experiences. This kit, made by Rascal Toys, is not only functional but also convenient for travel.

Skwert Medium 8 Oz

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The kit includes a bodysafe PVC bulb, which serves as the main reservoir for holding the liquid solution. With a capacity of 8 ounces, the bulb can hold a sufficient amount of liquid for effective cleaning.

There are three hygienic, translucent wands included in the kit, each serving a different purpose. The first wand is made of soft silicone and is designed for deep cleaning. It measures 4.2 inches by 5 inches and has a single hole for the controlled flow of liquid.

The second wand is a thin-tipped wand, measuring 3.3 inches by 3 inches and featuring a single hole as well. This particular wand is perfect for individuals who prefer a more precise cleaning experience.

The third wand is a thin-tipped wand as well but larger in size, measuring 5.4 inches by 5 inches and featuring eight holes. This design allows for a broader and more thorough cleaning experience.

All three wands are made with different materials to cater to various preferences. The soft silicone wand provides a comfortable and gentle sensation, while the thin tip and firm ABS plastic wands ensure easy and precise insertion.

To clean the Skwert Medium 8 Oz kit, simply use mild soap and water. The materials used in the construction of this kit are compatible with all types of lubricants, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred lubrication.

In terms of categories, this product falls under Anal Toys, Sex Toys for Couples, Health and Beauty Aids, Sensual Kits, Anal Douches, Enemas, Hygiene, and Hygiene and Intimate Care.

Overall, the Skwert Medium 8 Oz is a versatile and convenient douche kit, ideal for those who prioritize cleanliness and hygiene during their intimate experiences.

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