Bleeding After Anal Sex – 5 Things You Should Know

Seeing blood after sex can be a very scary thing.  Bleeding after anal sex is most commonly due to anal fissures, or small tears on the inside wall of the colon tissue. These can be very painful and make sex or going to the bathroom, or future sex very uncomfortable.

In order to deal with bleeding and minimize pain there are a few simple things you can do to both stop the problem now and make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Fissures & Bleeding After Anal Sex


Keep The Area Clean

The first thing you should do if you do have tearing or bleeding is to clean the affected area.  Like with any other injury consistent hygiene is the first step to healing.

I recommend taking a shower with warm water and using clean finger with clipped finger nails to wash away any excess blood or lubricant.

It will hurt, but it is important to prevent more pain in the future.  The key is to be gentle.  Slowly push outward with your abdominal muscles inner wall of the colon is exposed.

Wash the area well. Do not use soap for the first rinse as this will irritate the area and cause further discomfort.

Warm water works surprisingly well and will help you relax and cause some relief.

It is very important to try and do this everyday until the fissure has healed completely.  It will sting, but it will make the process of healing a lot faster.

Also, be sure to clean the fissure after you use the bathroom too.  It may seem like a lot of worse, but the best thing you can do early on.

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Use an Anal Relaxant

When going to the bathroom, I have found that applying a little lube before can also help make your next few days a lot less painful.

Anal Eze is a relaxing creme which will help to ease your anal muscles and reduce pain. This is great for sex, or even after.

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One of my saving graces has been Pjur Backdoor.  It does a great job lubricating the area and the relaxing feature makes using the bathroom while dealing with fissures much easier.

Also, using anal relaxants are a great way to avoid fissures in the first place if you are extra tight or prone to getting them.


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Lastly, make sure to get plenty of sleep.  Rest will promote healing and will let your body rest and rejuvenate.  If you keep on top of these steps then you should notice a big difference in a few days.

If the bleeding gets worse, or continues for more than three days, you may want to look into using medications such as nitroglycerin cream to help treat the cut.

If it has been almost a week you should contact a doctor, but in most cases you should be healed up before then.


Avoid Anal Fissures in the Future

Fissures occur when too much stress is placed on the colon wall, specifically the inner sphincter muscle when it stretches too much, too quickly.

As I have mentioned time and time again, anal sex should not hurt and if it does, then you are doing something wrong.  Discomfort is one thing, but pain is not good.   The key to avoiding fissure is to slow down, relax and use plenty of lube.

You can get more information about bottoming by clicking here.


Eat Right and Keep Hydrated

Eating right and drinking enough water has a big effect on your colon health and can have a big role in how prone you are to fissures and bleeding.  The key is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and to avoid processed and fatty foods.

Foods high in fiber promote good digestive health and help keep inner tissues healthy.  The stronger your colon wall, the better prepared you will be for sex.  You should be drinking water regularly throughout the day, and do your best to stay properly hydrated.

Be sure to also take your time when using the bathroom.  Straining is not good and can weaken your inner tissue or even make small tears even before having sex. Small fissures also have the potential to get worse with time.

You should also avoid drinking a lot of alcohol.   Alcohol lowers your body’s ability to repair itself quickly and is generally not good for your digestive system and immune system.

This doesn’t mean you can’t drink, just limit yourself.  Also avoid drinking before sex as this will make you less sensitive to pain, and therefore more prone to injury.


Go Slowly

Tearing happens most often when you or your partner rushes while entering.  Being in the wrong state of my will lead to bad results.  Also, be sure to communicate with your partner while having sex.

Take it slowly, use plenty of lube, and do not rush. Remember, if it hurts, you are probably doing something wrong. You can read more about how to bottom here.

Bleeding After Anal Sex: Things to Remember:

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Do Not Strain When Using the Bathroom
  • Clean the Affected Area Often
  • During Sex Use Plenty of Lube and Be Sure to Go Slowly
  • If Bleeding Persists Contact a Doctor

As long as you follow these steps closely you should heal very quickly.  Remember that the best way to prevent bleeding after anal sex and treat fissures is to not get them in the first place.

Bleeding After Anal Sex - 5 Things You Should Know 1

Practice with an Anal Trainer Kit

Tearing and fissures occur because your body is not properly exercised to handle anal sex. One of the best ways to avoid bleeding after anal sex in the future is to prepare before hand.

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If you have any questions about bleeding after anal sex or would rather ask us directly feel free to email us at [email protected] or write them down in the comments below!

Read More about Preparing for Anal Sex:


Bleeding After Anal Sex - 5 Things You Should Know 3

Bleeding After Anal Sex - 5 Things You Should Know 4

Bleeding After Anal Sex - 5 Things You Should Know 5

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Those are our tips if you experience bleeding after anal sex. Do you have any advice of your own? Share them in the moment below.

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  1. Avatar

    Thanx for this relieving text bud… I´m now in a day six of bleeding
    (not a lot, but…) after having a rather rough sex with described symptoms i found in your text. First four days i ended up with swollen internal hemorrhoids, which just today I succeeded to calm with suppositories. Though some blood is still coming out mixed with pus. I ended almost in panic since had no proper emptying since Thursday (turned out that i eat almost nothing, and afterwards I’m just on fiber food). I also made a mistake taking Ibuprofen because I couldn’t even stand up not having a false but intense pain&urge to go to the toilet (later i read on the box i shouldn’t take Ibuprofen if having colon bleeding or similar). Now I’m only on suppositories and lying down in bed since I feel perfect like that. And no pain or pressure whatsoever! I have established that my internal hemorrhoids haven’t bursted, but something behind them. I am not a doctor, but I’ve found that inside my anus, after i pass my internal hemorrhoids is something similar as my anal opening just inside. Its behind that (or in that area) where the bleeding is coming. It is not pouring, but only pus mixed with (sometimes) fresh, mostly coagulated blood is coming. Feces I successfully rinsed out (some) with warm water when taking a shower. I am pretty sure I´m not full, because i am not swollen in the abdomen area, have no pain and can easily examine myself without being stiff or so… I am just concerned whether is it going to heal itself, and can I do more for it since I am in a foreign country and my insurance is not working here (I am just in a process of getting a local one)…

    1. Loren Couse
      Loren Couse

      Hi Nik,

      I want to put it out there that I am not a doctor, and this is my PERSONAL advice from my own experiences with hemorrhoids and fissures. It sounds to me like your hemorrhoids are pretty serious and my recommendation would be to see a doctor as soon as possible. Most small to moderate hemorrhoids and fissures clear up after a few days, but as you said it has already been a week so it is best that you seek medical advice.

      All the best!


  2. Avatar

    Some more information I found while reading this post. The guide explains it all so that you can get started in enjoying this with your partner. Read on!!

  3. Avatar
    Darren Hebert

    I know it’s different for different guys, but my first time I had a puddle of blood on the floor. Even though I practiced ahead of time with butt plugs and used plenty of lube. My butt was on fire. After a few days I did it again. Less pain and spotted bleeding. Every time after that it feels great with no bleeding except for a few spots sometimes. I have heard from others who have had similar experiences. I have the same partner every time so my butt whole may be stretched to accommodate his manhood.

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