Best Cheap Lubes for Great Sex – 2021 Update

Best Cheap Lubes for Great Sex – 2021 Update

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Just because a lube is cheap in price, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality and performance.   From a combination of our own personal favorites, best sellers on the MQ store, and recommendations from long time MQ readers, here is this year’s picks for the best cheap lubes of 2021.

Best Cheap Lubes – Water Based

Some of the best lubes you can buy are water based lubes. They are slick and feel most similar do your bodies natural lubrication. They are also much cheaper than similar silicone alternatives.

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Smooth and Slick Lube

Smooth and Slick Water Lube

Smooth and Slick is the best cheap lube for one simple reason.  In terms of dollar per ounce, there is absolutely no lube on the market which offers this level of feel and longevity for the price.

Smooth and Slick the most bang for your buck, and as it stands on its own, it is a high performing lubricant overall.

MQ Reader Review:
Nice Lubricant – This is one of the best water-based lubricants I have used. It’s not expensive which is nice and this size will last someone awhile. I have not had any problems with it drying out too fast or being sticky after drying. If you add a little water when the lube starts drying it gets wet again also. Best water-based lubricant I have used and prefer water-based over silicone. Enjoy!”

Unlike most cheap water lubes which feel grippy and tacky, Smooth and Slick is just as the name says – smooth and slick.  Best of all, because of it is an all water based product it is extra versatile for sex, toys or play alone fun.

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Gun Oil H2O 

Gun Oil Water Anal lube

One of the biggest trade-offs you get between silicone and water lubes is longevity.  Gun Oil silicone is one of my favorite lubes, but the silicone base makes it more expensive in terms of dollar to volume.

MQ Reader Review:
My Military Guy Loves this! – My boyfriend is in the Air Force and laughed his ass of when I brought this home. We tried it out, and we both absolutely love it. It stays slippery–doesn’t get sticky or gooey at all. Clean up was a breeze also, and it didn’t leave the weird stain marks on our sheets that other lubes did. I have sensitive skin and wasn’t irritated by it at all, either. Awesome buy for the both of us! We’ll definitely be stocking up.”

With Gun oil H2O you get a very similar performance as its silicone counterpart, but in a much more affordable package.  Now, you do lose some of the slipperiness and durability of the original, but the difference in terms of ease of clean up, and price make it a great alternative making it another of our top picks for the best cheap lubes.

Gun Oil Water Anal lube Sizes

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Best Cheap Lubes – Silicone Based

Silicone lubes are all around the best kind of lube you can buy.  They are slippery, long lasting and safe to use with condoms and most toys.

Best of all, they are much more heavy duty meaning they will not dry out, and you use much less than other types to get the same amount of lubrication.

That means that even though silicone lubes often come in smaller quantities, you are going to get a lot more bang for your buck in terms of usage.

Mood Silicone Lube 4 oz

Mood Silicone Lube

Mood is our second best pick for the best cheap lubes in silicone because although it is a silicone-water hybrid, it is a bit more than Gun Oil, but you get twice as much lube!

Silicone makes for a much more premium feel, and the fact that Mood was able to make a product at this low of a price-point is pretty impressive.

If you have ever used some of the more expensive alternatives such as Swiss Navy then you are in for a very similar experience.

The lube is much more like a gel, and although does dry out over time, will give you a super slick, friction free sex.


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Gun Oil Silicone 2oz


Besides being one of my favorite all around lubes to begin with, Gun Oil in its smallest bottle is super affordable.  It is not the cheapest on the list, and barely squeezes into the bunch, but at $15 you will be hard to find anything else that comes close in terms of quality and performance.

MQ Reader Review:
Very slidey…NOT sticky – The wife and I love the product. We have tried many others but this lube is the BESTEST.

Gun Oil is also the only PURE silicone lube which falls into this price category, which is you have never used before, is an absolute dream to use.  There is no drag or friction what so ever, and using it with sex, toys, or personal play is the smoothest I have yet to come across making it the best cheap lube in this category.

Gun Oil Silicone Anal lube Sizes

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Best Cheap Anal Lubes

Best Anal Lubes for Sex

Moist Anal Lube 4oz

Moist is already one of the best-selling lubes on the MQ store, and for good reason.  Its high-quality feel and extra slickness make it ideal for anal play and combined with a super low price for the smallest bottle, it is easily the best anal lube for anyone on a budget.

MQ Reader Review:
Amazing Stuff! – “I used to use a different kind of anal lube but it didn’t work so well and after reading the reviews on this product I decided to try it out. My Husband and I LOVE THIS STUFF… It is so slippery and doesn’t make a whole lot of mess… would never buy the old stuff again.. this stuff is great never thought it would make the whole experience 20 times better..”

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Climax Bursts Anal Lube 4oz

Climax Bursts Tingling Water Lube

Our last lube on the list is Climax Burst anal lube.  This is also a great alternative for anyone looking for one of the best cheap lubes you can buy.

Although it is slightly more expensive than the Moist anal lube, the inclusion of “burst” bubbles help give a bit of extra sensation and are a nice change up from vanilla sex.

MQ Reader Review:
Nice Anal Lube! – I really enjoy this lube, it’s not sticky and it doesn’t seem to dry up fast although I use it with a butt plug so there’s not too much friction. I have also noticed that not much is needed to get the job done. The pop top is nice and convenient. Price is not bad for the size of the bottle. Clean up is extremely easy since the lube is not sticky. I give this lube 5 stars!”

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So there we have it!  These are our personal picks for the best cheap lubes.  Did we leave anything out?  Are there any good cheap lubes that you personally recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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