Top 20 Best Butt Plugs and Anal Trainer Toys – 2021 Update

Top 20 Best Butt Plugs and Anal Trainer Toys – 2021 Update

For those of you who are butt plug first-timers, we have decided to compile a list combined with our favorites, reader picks, along with the most popular butt plugs on the MQ store.  Below is a list of the best butt plugs you can buy in 2021.

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Butt Plugs are a popular tool for anal play, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Whether you are a beginner or pro, we are going to help you get started.

What is the Best Butt Plug?

How to make anal sex not hurt stretch out

The best butt plug is the Tunnel Anal Plug be cause of its unique design and versitily. The hollow design allows natural airflow and the ability to stretch to different sizes. Best of all, it can be used with a variety of other anal toys.

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Anal Plug Trainer Kits

Anal trainer kits are some of the best butt plugs thanks to their beginner friendliness. Start with a small plug, and work your way to more advanced sizes. In this category, our stand out, top seller and highest recommendation is the Colt Anal Dilator Kit.

Colt Anal Dilator Kit

Colt Anal Plug Dilator Starter Kit

Not just one of the best butt plugs, but also the best value.  The Colt Anal Dilator kit gives you three different sized plugs that let you start small and work your way up to pro level.

MQ Reader Review:
“This made anal play much more fun and easier than I could’ve ever imagined. I’d definitely recommend for those who might be skeptical about anal. Quality product, easy to clean, and works well. My new favorite!” – Chris

The narrow tips are easy to insert, and the sizing is well spaced to let you progress at your own pace.  This puts the Anal Dilator kit as one of the best butt plugs you can buy right now.

Material: Poly-Safe PVC
Diameter: 1in.-1.5in. (2.3cm. -3.8 cm.) 
Insertable-Length: 4in.-5.5in (10 cm. – 14 cm.) 
Features: 3 Staged Sizes 
Difficulty Level: Anal First-Timers – Intermediate


View on: MQ Store

$43.87Add to cart

Glass Anal Training Trio

Compared to plastics like PVC that many sex toys are made from, high-strength Tempered Glass is a great alternative. Not only do they offer more a more stiff (and therefore more stimulating) experience, they are also much easier to clean, maintain, and you don’t need to worry about them wearing down over time.

Although the Glass Trainer kit comes at a bit of premium, the extra cost comes with a higher quality, more durable product with extra peace of mind.

Material: High-Strength Tempered Glass
Non-allergic, Non-porous, Easy to Clean
Small Plug: 4.55 in. by 1.15 in.
Medium: 5 in. by 1.35 in.
Large: 5.75 in. by 1.5 in.

glass anal training butt plug kit

View on: MQ Store

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Dark Invader Aluminum Silicone Anal Plug

Aluminum butt plugs are some of the best butt plug materials to choose from. Not only is aluminum lightweight, it is also resistant to germs and bacteria, and easy to clean.

Dark Invader Aluminum Silicone Anal Best Butt Plugs Sizes
Dark Invader Aluminum Plugs come in 3 Sizes

The Dark Invader butt plug series comes with a medical-grade silicone base with a large grip for better control. One of our favorite features is the ability to pre-heat or cool these plugs for even more fun.

Material: Aluminium Body, Silicone Base
Large Plug: Insertable Length 3.5 in. Diameter 1.6 in.
Medium Plug: Insertable length 3 in. Diameter 1.3 in.
Small Plug: Insertable length 2.5 in. Diameter 1 in.

Dark Invader Aluminum Silicone Anal Plug 3
Dark Invader Aluminum – Medium

View on: MQ Store

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Novelty Plugs

In this category, we choose some of the most unique plugs with features you wouldn’t imagine. These are the best butt plugs that are new, innovative, and sure to please.

Tunnel Butt Plug

Tunnel Best Butt Plug XL Clear

The best butt plug for advanced users is the Tunnel Anal Plug because of its unique design and versatility. The hollow design allows natural airflow and the ability to stretch to different sizes. Best of all, it can be used with a variety of other anal toys. Different from your typical butt plug, the Tunnel Plug has an opening running through the center.

This allows for airflow ( which feels pretty wild) and also lets you insert a secondary toy, fingers, or even get fucked through the center!

how to use a butt plug leave in

It is a stretchy material and lets you work up to some pretty impressive sizes.


The Tunnel Butt Plug is made of a special mix of silicone and TPR called “PF Blend” which means it is safe with all lubes and won’t wear out over time like some other silicone butt plugs.

This is a toy that can grow with you, and provide different experiences depending on how you pair it.

Material: Ultra-Flex Silicone and TPR Blend
Medium: Length: 2.5 in. (6.3 cm) Width: 2 in. (5 cm)
Large: Length: 3 in. (7.6 cm) Width: 2.2 in. (5.6 cm)
XL Plug: Length: 4 in. (10 cm) Width: 2.85 in. (7.2 cm)
Hollow, Look-Inside Design

Medium Tunnel Plug

View on: MQ Store

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Inflatable Butt Plug

The inflatable Plug is a Butt Plug that grows with you! The plug is a manageable 3.75 in. by 1.5 in. before inflation. The included hand pump lets you control the size and inflate while inserted inside.

Expandable Butt Plug Latex inflatable

At its maximum, it can grow to almost 3 times its original size. For a toy with a bit more challenge and kink, it is easily one of the best butt plugs of the year.

Material: Pure Latex Plug
Length: 3.75 in.
Width: 1.5 in.
Upto 3x Inflatable Width


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Ass Gasm Butt Plug Cock-Ring

Assgasm cock ring butt plug

The Ass-Gasm combines the best of using a cock ring, with a prostate butt plug merged into one.

The Plug/Ring combo is made from medical grade silicone that is soft, and extra comfortable to wear.

With its duo stimulation, the Ass Gasm is one of the best butt plugs we have tested designed especially for men.

Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 4 in.
Width: 1.25 in.
Cock Ring Diameter: 1.5 in.
Cock Ring Plug Combo

AssGasm Cock Ring Plug

View on: MQ Store

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Vibrating AssGasm

assgasm vibrating prostate plug

The AssGasm also coves in a vibrating variant for even more stimulation. The plug bulb has an insertable vibrating bullet with a changeable battery.

Like the standard version, the starter kit includes the plug, lube, and toy cleaner to get you started.

Vibrating AssGasm

View on MQ Store

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Triple Play Anal Plug

How about 3 times the fun in one single toy? The Triple play anal plug is a 3-way plug set that gets more challenging as you rotate it.


With the plug inserted, the other 2 plugs work as a handle, allowing you to maneuver your toy. Made from super smooth silicone, it has a quality feel and is easy to clean and maintain. Looking to add a ninja star to your butt plug collection? This may be it.

Triple Play Butt Plug

View Triple Play Plug on MQ Store

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Tailz Fox Tail Anal Plug and Ears Set

The Tailz Series anal plug is your standard anal plug with a Fox Tail built in. Simply insert your butt plug and transform into your sexual fantasy.


The Tailz set comes with the Anal Plug tail as well as a head band with ears to help you transform into your furry friend.

View Tailz Anal Plug on: MQ Store

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Dildo Butt Plugs

best anal dildos and dongs

Dildo butt plugs are a combination of these two sex toy categories. They come in a butt plug form factor, with a stopper at the base. These are some of the best butt plugs if you want to add a bit of realism to your anal toy.

Jellies Anal Starter Dildo Plug

Jellies starter Best anal Dildo

The Crystal Jellies is somewhere between an anal dildo and a butt plug.  The thin size is ideal for beginners but the length adds a much more satisfying feel making it one of the best butt plugs for first timers.

The notched beads add sensation and help to make the experience more pleasurable.  The Jellies is comfortable, durable and a cinch to clean up after too.

Jellies starter anal Dildo Clear
Jellies Anal Starter Clear

View on:  MQ Store

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Ignite Cock Plug

Best Cock butt Plug Ignite

All the function of a butt plug with all the fun of a cock mixed in.  The Cock Plug is sized and shaped much like many other plugs, but gives you a more realistic feeling of a cock inside.  The penis head is a satisfying addition to the package to say the least.

MQ Reader Review:
“If you like your anal plugs to look like a real cock, these are the ideal.  I find these are good sizes to train and prepare your anus for anal sex. They are non-toxic pvc and easy to clean.” – CockLover

Thanks to its realistic shape and girth size, the Cock Plug swoops in as yet another of the best butt plugs of the year.

ignite cock plug beige sizes
Cock Plug Small

 View on: MQ Store

$23.78Read more

Classic Butt Plugs

These are classic butt plugs that are smooth, bendable, and meant for anal training. We have included some of the best butt plugs in various materials, shapes in sizes for you to choose from.

Round Luxe Butt Plug

For those looking for a little more “kink” in their new toy, the Round Butt Plug is a perfect fit.

Integrated Vibro Ball

This Butt Plug let’s you choose from three different sizes, ideal for those users who really want to stretch things out and take their anal fun to the next level.

The Wearable Vibro Plug’s most impressive feature is the battery-free Vibro ball interior that responds to each movement of your body. Even the slightest movement sends silent vibrations throughout the plug. 

Length: 3.3 in.
Insertable Length: 2.8 in.
Width: 1.8 in.
Material: Medical-Grade Silicone
Integrated Battery-Free Vibro Ball


View on MQ Store

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Triple Ripple Large Black Butt Plug

Triple Ripple Anal Plug Black

Moving on to the next level of anal play, the Tripple Ripple Butt Plug is rightly named as one of the best butt plugs of the year- it is a wide, 2.3 inches with three separate stages, each giving a deeper, more fuller feeling.

MQ Reader Review:
“Very smooth, holds lube well and cleans up very easy. Beginner, my wife, has a hard time with 1 and a half fingers, but can take the first bump with ease and can almost take the 2nd of 3. Made anal a lot easier for her to take and she loves this toy.” – J&T

This is a perfect toy for people who want to go big, but need a little extra help moving gradually to a more advanced butt plug.

The narrow tip gives a comfortable and easy insertion but is challenging enough later on as you move in deeper.

Triple Ripple Butt Plug

View on MQ Store

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Luxe Explore Butt Plug

Luxe Explore Best Butt Plugs

The Luze Explore Silicone Butt plug is somewhere between an anal plug and anal breads. With a two stage bulb you can start slow and gradually go bigger and deeper.

The handle at the base make for a comfortable gripper and doubles as an ergonomic stopper.

Length: 4.5 in
Insertable Length: 4 in
Width: 1.3 in.
Circumference: 4.17 in
Material: Medical-Grade Silicone

Luxe Explore Butt Plug 2

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Little Thumper Vibrating Butt Plug

An anal vibrator? An anal plug? The Little Thumper is an anal vibrating plug 2-in-1. This butt plug as an insertable vibrating motor with a changeable battery. This simple addition made using this butt plug a totally different experience than other toys on the list.

Coming in pink and black these two make a fun pair. The build is over all solid, and the silicone body feels great to use.

10 Vibrating Functions
Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

Batteries: 1 AAA battery, not included.
Material: Silicone
Length: 4.75 in. Insertable: 3.5 in.
Plug Width: 1.5 in.

Luxe Little Thumper Vibrating Best Butt Plugs Black

View on MQ Store

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Classic Butt Plug

classic butt plug black

If you want a no frills, to the point (pun intended) butt plug with a more traditional design, then the Doc Johnson Classic is the one for you.

Similar to our top pick for an Anal Trainer kit, the Classic Butt Plug is another level up with a thicker, 2 width, and hefty 4.2-inch insertable length.

The standard, tapered shape means it is easier to work up to this larger size.   If you are looking to stretch things out then this is the one for you.

MQ Reader Review:
“You wanna fill your ass? Purchase this plug. It’s great and it only took me a day to get it to fit. This plug fills my ass and makes me feel full. When I get stretched enough I guess I’ll have to go to the extra large plug.”
classic butt plug
Classic Butt Plug Medium Black

View on: MQ Store

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Best Big Butt Plugs

These butt plugs are for the advanced user, or anyone looking to go extra big (and deep). We have chosen plugs that are bigger than most any other toys on this list. These are the best butt plugs for extreme anal play.

Colossus XXL Silicone Anal Suction Cup Plug

Fill yourself up with Colossus XXL Silicone Anal Plug and thank me later for finding this one of the biggest sex toys. Since butt plug is normally used to loosen you up, kind of like an entre to a four courses meal. This one is without a doubt the best choice for that!


It has a tapered shape to ensure maximum stimulation with comfort. It is huge compared to other butt plugs in the market, but it’s still in the manageable range. Firm and strong suction cup for even easier use when you’re playing solo.

Colossus XXL Silicone Anal Suction Cup Plug in hand

View on: MQ Store

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Titanmen Intimidator Plug 11 Inch Black

Let’s start your anal play-time with one of the biggest sex toys out there. AKA, Titanmen Intimidator Plug. 11” of insertable length will give you the wildest sensation for opening up your hole. The ribbed design makes it so that the deeper you go, the better it feels.

MQ User Review:
I have had this plug for a month and enjoy the plug greatly. I am about 3/4 down it already. I am working on getting farther and farther until I sit on my seat with it all in!! With a 4″ base this is not going to be that easy to get all of it in my for quite a while. I am moving up to the 2.75″ from the 2.5″ plugs!!

Cone shape makes it easier for people who are looking for a way to practice and slowly adjust to bigger things. Trying to find the perfect entrance into the extremely big toys world, look no further, this is it!

Now the question is how far can you go? Choose from the 6 inch, or the 11 inch for extra size.

Top 20 Best Butt Plugs and Anal Trainer Toys - 2021 Update 1
Intimidator 11 Inch

View on: MQ Store

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My Secret Remote Vibrating XL Plug

The My Secret Remote Vibrating Butt Plug is not only big – it vibrates. This Extra-Large size comes in at 4 inches insertable and a girthy 1.75 inches.

Screaming O XXL Vibrating Butt Plug

The wireless remote can work up to 40 feet away, and the plug can also be controlled via the base’s integrated buttons. This plug is rechargeable with 60 minutes of play per charge.

Insertable Length: 4 in.
Plug Diameter: 1.75 in.
Wireless Remote Control
Rechargeable Battery
60 Minutes of Play Per Charge

View on: MQ Store

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How to Use a Butt Plug

After you get the right supplies, be sure to check out our full in-depth guide on how to use a butt plug too.

Butt Plug Video Guide on YouTube

For more in-depth walk throughs about sex toys and anal play you can also refer to our guides below.

Clean-Up With an Enema

mr q male anal enema

Enemas are the best way to clean up before using an anal plug.

Enemas work by injecting water inside to flush out any surprises that might still be lingering behind. For most people, a medium-sized enema will do the trick!

anal enemas pros douche sizes
Universal Enema Medium

View on: MQ Store

$19.99Add to cart

Don’t Forget an Anal Lube!

mr q male anal lube sex toy

To make things smooth and comfortable, it is essential to use a quality Anal lube! We have a full list of anal lubes here. For most people, Pjur Analyse Me is our top pick because it includes an anal relaxant, is toy friendly, and long-lasting.

Pjur Analyse me Comfort Anal Lube
Pjur Analyse Me Comfort 100ml

View on: MQ Store

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Keep Your Butt Plug Clean

Toy cleaner is an easy way to keep your butt plug fresh and free of bacteria and funny smells. Toy cleaner will help keep your toy hygienic and safe to use. It is definitely money well spent.

Toy cleaner is a great way to keep your toy fresh, hygienic, and odor-free.

View on MQ Store

$18.67Add to cart

Anal Sex Starter Kit

The Anal trainer kit also comes in a starter bundle with lube, toy cleaner, enema, and lube shooter for everything you need to get started.

View Anal Starter kit on: MQ Store

$117.83Add to cart

If you have any questions about choosing the best butt plugs or any other questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or write them down in the comments below!

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Best cock rings penis

There you have it, our picks for the best butt plugs of 2021. Have you tried any of the above butt plugs?  Do you have any recommendations for readers?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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