The Best Anal Condoms

Best Condoms for Anal Sex

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Condoms are by far your best protection against all STDs and are a must for safer sex.  This is especially important when having anal sex, as it is much easier to pass on STDs through anal sex.  To get stated we are going to outline what are the best condoms for anal sex.

Condoms are the best way to have fun without having to worry about the poop factor because it provides a physical barrier between you and any surprises.

There is no real “best condom for anal sex” per say, becasue the best for you really comes down to a personal preference.

Finding the right condom for anal sex is a bit tricky because you need to take into account so many factors.  Everything from condom strength, thickness, lubrication, and comfort all play a part into what is the “best condom”.

Unfortunately, the market is fairly small so there are no true “anal condoms” – yet.  But, there are definitely condoms that are more suited for the job than others.  Here a few options that I have personally tried to make your search a little bit easier.

The Best Condoms for Anal Sex

The Safest Anal Condom

Lifestyles Ultra Condoms

Strength and lubrication are probably the two most important qualities when choosing the right condom for anal sex.  This is because of the lack of a natural lubrication and increased friction which can make anal sex more uncomfortable and make condoms weaker over extended use.

This condom covers both of these issues making it the most ideal, and one of the best condoms for anal sex.

Whereas most companies are going for thinner designs, there are very few “extra strength” condoms out there nowadays, which, if you are going for safety as a number one priority is a must.

Lifestyles is one of the most heavy duty condoms I have tested.  As an added benefit, the extra thickness can actually make you last longer, because of the decreased sensitivity.

If that really isn’t your thing, then you have some great alternatives below, which may not be as heavy duty, but still offer a good balance between safety and pleasure.

To top this all off, these are around $12 for a pack of 12, and are easily our top pick for the best and safest anal condom.

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Best Value Anal Condom

Trojan-Enz Condoms

Trojan is one of the more expensive condom brands but what you get for the tradeoff in extra cost is a higher quality material, and therefore  a thinner, better-feeling condom. If you have tried Trojan before then you probably already know that they are some of the strongest, highest quality condoms you can buy.

As far as an anal condom, the latex is durable and regardless of its thinness and stands up to the extra demands to anal sex as these are designed with safety as a priority making it one of the best condoms for anal sex.

These come in a pack of 40 so they end up being a bit cheaper in bulk and will last you a while.  You can also opt for the smaller 12 pack too.

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Best Feeling Anal Condom

Trojan Sensitivity Ultra Thin Lubricated

One of the common complaints about condoms is the lack of sensation due to condom thickness. Typically there is a trade-off in durability for a better feeling or thinner condom. If you choose to go even thinner and without sacrificing too much in safety then I would recommend giving a look at Trojan Ultra Thins.

They are 25% thinner than standard Trojans but still offer Trojan strength and come pre-lubricated.  If you are looking for an ultra-thin condom that can still stand up to the extra durability needed for anal sex, then look no further.

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If you have any questions about choosing the best condom for anal sex or would rather ask us directly feel free to email us at info@maleq.org or write them down in the comments below!

These are just some of our top picks for the best condoms for anal sex, but no matter what condom you choose, always remember to use plenty of lube, check the expiration date and make sure there is no damage before beforehand. Condoms offer safer sex but human error is the most common reason for condom failure. So be smart, be safe and have fun.

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    • Hi Stephen,

      If you are experiencing itchiness/redness after condom use then it is very likely that you have a latex allergy. You should look into Latex free condoms, which in most cases will prevent any irritation afterwards. I recommend looking into Lifestyle Skyn Extra lubricated. These are made with polyurethane which is more durable than latex and the extra lubrication is ideal for anal sex.

      If you are still experiencing irritation afterwards you should contact your local doctor or physician.


      • Stephen, I have some experience in healthcare. I agree with Matthew. It sounds as if you are either not using enough lube (causing some irritation) or you may have a latex skin allergy. Try Latex free and discuss this with your personal doctor if it continues to be a problem.

        Matthew, great site you have here. Is there a way to contact you, the site admin? I can't seem to find a "Contact Us" like tab. Thanks.


        • Hey DJ,

          Thank you for your input on the subject and for giving my site a read. I am still working out some of the kinks in the site. In the mean time you can contact me at themaleq@gmail.com.

          Thank you so much for the reading!

  • What should I do to get condoms I don't wanna go and walk up to the store and buy them cause I'm 14...

    • Hi Charlie.

      Regardless of age, stores are required to sell condoms. It is a very nerve racking experience to walk up ti the counter and buy them for the first time but I promise you, the person at the pharmacy sells boxes upon boxes to people of all ages. If you are uncomfortable going yourself try asking a friend or contacting someone in your school (Sex-Ed teacher etc.) as many public schools or non profits offer free condoms. Some other great places to look are local LGBTQ social circles and non-profits which almost always offer free safer- sex supplies (I started getting condoms at 14).

      If that doesn't work you can always ask your primary care-physician or local hospital. Almost all medical facilities offer free condoms. All of the above require some kind of confrontation, but realize that most people your age are likely doing the same thing.

      Best of luck!