How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger – 5 Easy Tips

There are a lot of gimmicks out there about how to make your dick bigger, from pills, to weights, to exotic herbs, but the sad fact is, aside from surgery or pretty extreme medical procedures, there is no real way to make your dick bigger.  To put it frankly, we are stuck with the goods we were born with.  But how can you make your dick look bigger?

How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger

Despite this there are still many tequiniqes you can use to maximize on the length you were naturally born with.  And although none of these will really make your dick bigger by any literal measure, they can go a long way (pun intended) to making your cock look bigger. So let’s get to it – how to make your dick look bigger.

1. Shave Your Public Hair

How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger - 5 Easy Tips 1

This one is about as simple and straight forward as they get.  If you want your dick to look bigger, you need to show as much of the little fella’ as possible.

That means trimming up those hedges and get your full penile length on display.  If you are extra hairy, this could add a good 2-3 centimeters, plus you will look much cleaner and well groomed.

For a bit more info, we go much more in-depth into grooming and shaving in our body hair guide here.

2. Loose Weight

How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger - 5 Easy Tips 2

A funny thing happens when you loose wight.  That extra skin in your stomach and groin which has snuck outward over time can actually begin to move back and show off more of your natural length.

Not only will loosing a few pounds help to make you look more healthy and fit, but it can actually lengthen the visible length of your cock, both soft and hard.

3. Increase Blood Flow to Make Your Dick Look Bigger

How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger - 5 Easy Tips 3

There are lots of things you can do to increase blood flow, but the main idea here is that the better your circulation. the harder your dick can get in-turn maximizing your dicks visible size.

Regular physical exercise is one of the easiest ways to improve blood flow and boost testosterone, giving you a rock-hard cock.

But there are also other techniques and exercises you can do to increase blood flow to the penis specifically.

4. Jelqing

How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger - 5 Easy Tips 4

If you have never heard of it before, Jelqing in a type of penis massage used to help improve blood flow and give you harder erections.

Often used for older men or guys who struggle with ED, Jelqing can also be used by anyone looking you improve the firmness and length of their erections.

The basic concept is to massage a semi-erect penis, starting from the base and pulling blood the the tip of your penis. This helps to exercise your penile tissue and extend your penis to its maximum natural length.

To start, use any lube you would typically use for masturbation, and get your dick to a 50-75% erection level.  

It is important not to be too hard or this process can be a bit painful which we want to avoid.

How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger - 5 Easy Tips 5

Grip the base of your dick with your thumb and pointer finger in a circle (the OK grip), and squeeze at the base so your penis becomes hard.

Hold the pressure and move your hard upwards pushing your erection toward the head and stop at the base of the head. You should feel the pressure through out your dick like a hard erection.  It is ok to feel pressure, but you should not feel pain.

Repeat this process for about 75-100 stroke, 5 minutes everyday, and you should begin to see a change in your erections.

Use a Penis Pump

Penis pumps work in much the same way as Jelqing by creating a pressure difference, pulling blood from the base to the head of the penis.

Many people might see penis pumps as a gimmick, which is true in that they will not make your dick bigger.

But penis pumps are a great way how to make your dick look bigger.


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What a penis pump will do is improve the hardness of your erections overtime which can increase the perception of your maximum penis length.

Using a penis pump will get you very similar results as Jelqing, but you can achieve a higher level of hardness faster, and have a better amount of control.

You can check our a full list of the best penis pumps here.

Wear a Cock Ring

One final tool you have at your disposal to make your dick look bigger is to wear a cock ring.

Cock rings are designed to be work at the base of your dick and make you erections harder and can also make you last longer.

Cock rings are especially useful for people who are able to get an erection, but have a hard time getting their maximum firmness.

Cock rings come in a variety of materials and sizes from smooth metal, to elastic silicone bands.  Which cock ring you choose comes down to your personal preference.  For a more in-depth low down, you can check our guide on choosing the best cock rings.

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This is our guide on How to Make Your Dick Look Bigger. Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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