Best Anal Vibrators of 2018 – Top Anal Sex Toys of the Year

Whether you are on a budget, seeking the top of the line or simply looking to get the best orgasm possible, here are the best anal vibrators you can buy in 2018.

Below is a compilation of the best anal vibrators for men to help you push your orgasms to the next level.  This list is a mix between our personal recommendations, reader choices and staff picks, as well as the best sellers on the MQ Store.


So let’s get started.
These are the best anal vibrators you can buy right now.


Best Anal Vibrators


The Best Anal Vibrators - Cock Vibe Cover

Cock Vibe


For as close as you can get to the real thing, the Cock Vibe Anal Vibrator is long, veiny, and adds a nice buzz to the mix.

The 9-inch length might be a challenge for some, but for those who are can take the extra challenge, it’s be best anal vibrator you can get.


MQ Reader Review
“I was so happy when my new toy came in the mail and I was excited to try it out and it is FANTASTIC! The size, width and length was perfect. Soft and flexible for maximum pleasure and fun for hours. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE male or female, simply because it was so cheap and all I was expecting and more. For beginners or pros, this toy is a ‘must have’.”


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$59.95 $37.87


The Best Anal Vibrators - Revel Cover

Revel Venue Realistic Anal Vibrator


Ribbed, shaped and sculpted like the real thing, the Revel Anal Vibrator gives just as much fun, but a bit more beginner friendly.

The 7 inch insertable length is long enough to make even a beginner happy.


Revel Anal Vibrator Product Page

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$49.99 $36.42



The Best Anal Vibrators - Billy Deep P-Spot Cover

Billy Deep Blue P-Spot Massager


The Billy Deep P-Spot Massager speaks premium.   From the soft and smooth material and orgasm inducing pulse. The amount control and precision  is well above other anal vibrators with five different modes ranging from a light pulse, up to an impressive buzz.



Put simply, it is in a whole different class from other products on this list.  Don’t just take it from me, as it has received awesome reviews across the board on the from MQ readers.


MQ Reader Review:
Great Toy – “Okay, here we go. This is a great anal vibrator. It’s strong enough with its multiple speeds and goes deep enough with its length to give a guy a nice ride. I love to stick it in my ass while jerking off. Lube it up, slide it in, and go to town. It will give you an intense orgasm. I use it in my ass while jacking off. Believe me, this is worth the price.” – Meat


Lelo Bob Anal Vibrator

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$239.99 $197.71


The Best Anal Vibrators - Tom of Finland Cover

Tom Of Finland 5 Speed Silicone Vibe


If you are looking for a more realistic shape and experience Tom of Finland Silicone Anal Vibrator offers a great balance of premium and price without sacrificing much in terms of experience.

Similar to the Billy, you still get five speeds of control, although this does not have a nice of a handle grip or curve, and lacks rechargeable batteries (you will have to get some AAs of your own).


Negatives aside, the ribs are a nice addition, and this is the most realistic option in terms of size and shape at 8 inches insertable, and a hefty 2-inch diameter.

The silicone is also top quality and feels very skin like.  If you are going for a realistic, high-quality vibrator then give Tom of Finland a look.


The Best Anal Vibrators - Tom of Finland Cover

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$149.99 $123.72

Best Anal Vibrators for Beginners


The Best Anal Vibrators - Reach Around Cover

Vibrating Reach Around Probe


If size is an issue then it is better to start small and work up gradually.  But just because you go smaller doesn’t mean you can’t still have an awesome sex toy.



The Reach Around does exactly that and is what is know as a “Prostate stimulator”.  Prostate stimulators have a distinct, bendy shape that presses in just the right spot.


MQ Reader Review:
Awesome Freaking Time – “The Reach Around is totally awesome both me and my boyfriend use it and it definitely hits just the right spot!” – AJ


This angle is used to help increase sensation.  The base is what is known as a rocker which allows you to “rock” the Reach Around back and forth against the prostate letting you “milk” yourself dry.


To sweeten the deal, the toy comes with a starter kit which includes 2 finger sleeves, anal desensitizing cream, anal lube, and toy cleaner.

For anyone looking for a prostate toy that is easy to insert and as strictly an orgasm enhancer, then this is the best toy you can buy.

Reach Around Anal Vibrator Product Image

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Anal Vibrators on a Budget

The Best Anal Vibrators - Joel Kaplan Cover

Dr. Joel Kaplan Perineum Massager


If you are not looking to spend a fortune or are looking for an entry level toy to experiment with before going all in, then look no further.  The Dr. Joe Kaplan is a moderate size, no frills anal vibrator that gets the job done and still feels great to use.

Yes, you miss out on some of the more advanced features like high-quality materials and rechargeable batteries.  However, the build quality and vibrating function surpass its price point.


MQ Reader Review:
“Very nice toy. Had a very intense orgasm with this anal vibe. This will get lots of use, I can already tell. Very satisfied and worth the price!”


Also, You may have noticed that the design is a bit different than the others on this list, and the special curve at the top is meant to stimulate your P-Spot which I can say works surprisingly well.

For a toy that is around $30,  it is a pretty impressive value making it the best anal vibroator you can buy for those on a budget.


Joel Kaplan Anal Vibrator

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MQ Store
$32.99 $26.81


If you have any questions about choosing the best anal vibrator for you or would rather ask us directly feel free to email us at [email protected]

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These are our picks for the best anal vibrators.  Do you have a personal favorite anal vibrator?  Let us know in the comments below and follow us on YouTube and Facebook.


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