Top 10 Most Realistic Dildos: Cocks Too Real to Be True

most realistic dildos cocks

We have talked about the biggest dildos, we have discussed the right fits for beginners, now we are bringing you the 10 most realistic dildos that you can find, and some might say it’s better than the real dick! Personally, a realistic-looking dildo is my favorite. I love the veins, the skin-like texture, and the best part is I get to imagine the person that this penis belongs to.

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Those crazy-looking dildos just don’t fulfill my fantasies anymore. Now, being realistic doesn’t mean being small, these 10 most realistic dildos are still some of the biggest ones out there. Go big or go home, and in this case, let’s go real and all-natural!

What are the most realistic dildos out there?

In this list, we pick out these dildos based on their designs and textures, obviously the more lifelike the better. Ranges from luxurious dildos to affordable yet high-quality products. If you are amping up your dildo collection with some realistic dildos, then you are in for a treat! Brace yourself, because they look just like the real thing!

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The Realistic Dildo

Best Realistic Dildo Series

Want to find the most realistic dildos? Here it is. Look, the name literally says “The Realistic Dildo”. I don’t think you can get more real than that. This dildo is molded straight from an erect penis, and hand-colored to capture the essence of a hard cock.

Every vein every crease is just absolute perfection and realistic, the balls are especially true to the real deal.

The suction cup allows it to stand up, if you’re looking for a hard dick to ride, this is perfect for you. Comes in 3 different shades, if you ask me, get them all, it’s like having sex with different men every single time.

MQ User Review:
This dildo is the best thing ever. The texture and firmness are perfect. Used with the handle, suction cup, on a harness, or on the machine. This thing slides right up my hole and hits all the sweet spots.
The Realistic Dildo 8-Inch Beige

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King Cock Realistic Uncut 9 Inches

King Cock Uncut most realistic Dildo

I couldn’t believe this when I saw the product. Many of the most realistic dildos are uncut cocks, yet they are usually just a layer of fake foreskin to “try” to mimic an uncut dick. King Cock Realistic Uncut dildo is not like any of the dildos you’ve seen before!

The foreskin can be slid back to reveal the head underneath, just like the real thing! King Cock line from Pipedream is some of the highest quality dildos out there, made with the same Realistic Fanta Flesh and handcrafted to extreme details.


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Hung Rider Rex Squirting Dildo

Hung Rider Rex Squirting Biggest Dildos

Our next pick takes realism to the next level. Not only does the Hung Rider have a realistic shape, shaft and balls, it has an extra trick up its sleeve. This dildo also cum, shoots, and squirts!

MQ User Review:
The picture does not show just how big this bad boy is. If you are looking for a ” large” realistic dildo this is it. If you a looking for a realistic large dildo to have fun with… this is your baby.. Just remember the lube.. you will need it! It’s a BIG dildo.

Looking to take your solo play to the next level? As far as aesthetics, feel and function go, the Hung Rider really is one of the most realistic dildos you can buy.  


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Boy with Balls Realistic Dildo

boy with balls best anal dildo men

I don’t know about you, but upward curve dick is my favorite shape of all time, Boys with Balls is not only one of the most realistic dildos I have ever seen, but it also has that curvy shape to reach deep into that sweet spot every time.

Boy with Balls came out with a series of products, this one is a beginner-friendly dildo with 5.5” insertable length, the perfect pick to start your play.

MQ User Review:
This dildo is by far the BEST dildo I`ve ever owned. I LOVE IT!!! I use this beauty as often as I can! I use the suction cup on it by sticking it to my shower wall and slamming myself with it for hours! God it feels so good once you get it in. Now I sit it on the floor and ride it!! BEST dildo EVER!

The designs and high-quality materials are the reason why this dildo is so popular, it also won the best dildo year over year.

MQ Reader Review:
Love it Love it! – “I am a straight man that enjoys anal play and prostate stimulation and this little baby is not only perfect in design and texture but size and the perfect curve to reach my p-spot. The suction is great for thrusting.

Material: Medical Grade Ultra-flex PVC
Diameter: 1.5 in. (3.8cm)
Length: 6.5in (16.5 cm)
Insertable-Length: 5.75 in. (14.5cm)
Features: Hands-Free Suction Cup
Difficulty Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Boy with Balls Anal Dildo Measurments
Boy with Balls Anal Dildo

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Loverboy Tony The Waiter Dildo

best dildo loverboy waiter

Tony is the most lovable and caring waiter you’ll ever meet. He serves food, drinks, your check, and your sexual needs. Don’t forget to tip him, but let more than just the tip in! With super lifelike texture, Loverboy Tony is one of the most realistic dildos out there.

MQ User Review:
This dildo looks real and makes you feel like the real deal…. very happy with it…..the suction cup base allows you to use it almost anywhere!

This dildo also includes a strong suction cup, so no matter where you are, Tony will be able to feed you with his uncut cock. Before we start this meal, I have to ask, are you allergic to nuts?

Tony’s ball sacks are huge, soft, and fun to play with. The size is a standard 5.5”, your gentle loverboy Tony is eager to satisfy you.

Loverboy Tony The Waiter Beige Dildo Main

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Au Naturel Realistic Dildo With Suction Cup

Top 10 Most Realistic Dildos: Cocks Too Real to Be True 1

Blush Novelties makes some of the most realistic dildos in the market, check out their Au Natural Realistic Dildo, this dildo comes in two different sizes. Want to be filled up to the maximum? Get the 9.5” one!

The Thermoplastic Elastomers material provides the most lifelike texture. It’s soft and erects at the same time with a gentle outer layer and a rigid inner core to adjust the dildo at any angle. This realistic dildo is the perfect gateway to trying big dildos.

Au Naturel 9.5 inches Dildo with Suction Cup Beige
Beige 9.5 Inch

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Realistic Glass Dildo With Balls

Top 10 Most Realistic Dildos: Cocks Too Real to Be True 2

I know we are trying to provide a list of the most realistic dildos here, so at first, I was skeptical about a glass dildo being described as “realistic”. However, this realistic glass dildo is just as authentic to a real cock as any of the products mentioned!

MQ User Review:
I got this toy as my first glass dildo and I must say I couldn’t be happier with it. It has the right amount of width and the swirls give a bit more sensation every time it’s pulled in and out. It can truly be warmed up or cooled down for personal temperature enjoyment and pleasure, plus it washes off with warm water and soap when you’re done. A definite must-have for the bedroom!

The best part is, the material allows it to be heated up or chilled as you wished. Want to feel some icy dick inside or a sexy hot cock? This toy will do both for you. It’s versatile and easy to clean, and the 9” size will make you feel all types of pleasures.

Realistic Glass Dildo 9 in

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Bam Realistic Cock Bx

Top 10 Most Realistic Dildos: Cocks Too Real to Be True 3

If I want a realistic dildo, it has to make me feel like being fucked by a hot stud with his magnificent hard cock. And the Bam Realistic Cock Bx makes me feel just the way I wanted. Doc Johnson’s one of the best selling and most realistic dildos of all time.

You definitely need an ebony huge dong in your collection, especially this one that looks exactly like that sexy man you can’t get out of your wet dreams. It’s 13” long which is pretty big in my opinion, not for the faint of heart for sure.

Bam Realistic Cock

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Dr. Skin Doctor Vibrating Cock Series W/ Suction Cup

Top 10 Most Realistic Dildos: Cocks Too Real to Be True 4

Meet Dr. Sean and Dr. Ken, your attending doctors for some regular check-ups. Just sit back, strip down and enjoy their prostate massages. Dr. Ken is a gentle yet powerful man with a 6.5” realist cock for your best self-care.

Need someone more aggressive and will fuck you nicely? Dr. Sean is on call, his 8” massive dick will take good care of you! This top-selling product is definitely one of the most realistic dildos in the market and comes with adjustable multi-speed vibrations that drive you to extreme orgasm.

Dr. Skin Doctor Vibrating Cock Series 8-inches main Specs

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Silicone Willys Realistic Dildo

Silicone Willys Realistic biggest Dildo

Favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla or Caramel? You don’t have to choose anymore. Silicone Willys Realistic Dildo is one of the most realistic dildos that comes in two shades and three different sizes.

Silicone Willys Realistic biggest Dildo Sizes

It goes from above-average size to “holy-moly, this thing is BIG!”. I think you all know my preference for dildos at this point. The vein’s design is so deliciously detailed and the texture is just the best. I sometimes get confused about whether I am having sex with a man or just playing with this toy.

Silicone Willys Realistic Dildo
11.5 Inch Beige

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Big Dick Ben 10 Inches Realistic Dildo

Big Dick Ben Most Realistic Dildos

Speaking of big dicks that are also some of the most realistic dildos out there, Big Dick Ben is certainly our top pick. First of all, the name just has a nice ring to it, if you agree, wait till you see the real thing.

MQ User Review:
I love this dildo! It is HUGE, much bigger than what I realized when I ordered it but I am so glad that it was. It fills me up and feels so good, I can take it about 3/4 of the way in, but the girth is what I really like. It’s not too hard, which is what I was afraid of, the material that it is made of is perfect, I am going to have a lot of fun with this one. I am going to see if I can get it up into my ass too, but that may take a while. This dildo was a good choice.

Big Dick Ben puts “Dick” in Realis” dick”, and our bad boy Ben is packing. With extra-long and juicy girth, the dildo is making people in the world cry out for utter joy. This super flexible magnificent beast can proudly stand up tall with the strong suction cup and is designed to reach into your g-spot, every thrusting of Ben is a pure form of rough art.

Big Dick Ben porn star

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How to Clean your Dildo

male q sex toy cleaner

To help protect your toy and your health, don’t forget to clean your toy after every use. A quality toy cleaner will help disinfect your toy and make it last even loner.

Toy cleaner is a great way to keep your toy fresh, hygienic, and odor-free.

Universal Toy Cleaner 4oz
Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner 4.3oz

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Use a Quality Lube

mr q male anal lube sex toy

A quality lube is essential to comfortable sex toy play. For most people, water-based lube is the best option because it’s is easy to clean, toy friendly, and comes close to the real thing!

MQ Reader Review:
Smooth: “When I tried this lube not only did it feel excellent, but it didn’t leave a sticky feeling afterward. It felt wonderful during sex. A little goes a long way and I will happily go back and pay for another bottle.” – Ron

Swiss Navy Water Anal lube 4oz
Swiss Navy Water 4oz.

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Prepare with an Enema

mr q male anal enema

Before using your brand new dildo, be sure to clean up inside first. Enemas work by pushing out any surprises that might still be lingering inside, and can help to keep you and your toy clean.

For most people, a medium sized enema does the trick!

Removable Enema Tip
Smoothed Tube for Easy Insertion
EZ-Squeeze Enema Bulb
4 Sizes to Choose From

anal enemas pros douche sizes
Universal Enema Medium 160ml

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These are our picks for the most realistic dildos you can buy. Have you used any from our list? Do you have any favorites that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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