10 Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating

If you are reading this, your partner might be acting weird and you have been suspicious for a while, you are trying to figure out if he’s been unfaithful or it’s just all in your head. Here is 10 signs your boyfriend has been cheating.

(Or you are just a regular reader of our website who wants to find out what we have to say about this topic.)

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating On You

Unless he is a very fantastic actor, otherwise most of the people tend to act differently when having other affairs. There are a few signs you can try to observe and see if it turns out the way we predicted. We are not suggesting you let the paranoid side of you to lose control, but to take precautions and pick up the small signs you could’ve missed.

The relationship with his phone

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating Phone

Right off the bat, you can tell you that his phone is becoming the center of attention.  Watch out!  If you aren’t sure what’s going on in his head you can know where their mind is just by observing his relationship with his phone.

Is he suddenly super protective of his phone, carry around his phone with him at all times? Is he constantly checking his texts or chatting with someone else? Does he turn his phone off or set it to Airplane mode when he’s with you? And does he avoid answering a phone call when he is around you?  These are a few things that should set off some alarms.

Maybe he just has phone addiction, yes, and maybe there isn’t any cheating, but even if he hasn’t been cheating, these are signs that he might not be giving you the attention you deserve and is easily distracted while he’s with you.

Comes home late, and you don’t know where he’s been

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating Comes home late

If I care about someone deep enough, I always try to let the person feel safe and secure when they are around me, or at least, try my best to make them not worry about me too often. So if your boyfriend is always out, and isn’t keeping open clear communication, you might want to watch out.

Let’s be clear, it’s fine to give each other personal space, and I agree that you should not try to rule over his entire life. But if he’s always coming home late or partying till the sun comes out, and he fails to say anything until the day after, or gets irritated, there’s a good chance that he’s doing something he shouldn’t be, or at the very least he’s been neglecting you which isn’t cool either.

He’s Trying Too Hard

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating trying too hard

You have been dating this person long enough to know his personal habits. But one day you notice that he has been taking extra care of his appearance.  Should you start to wonder why?  Now the excitement has faded is he try to spark things up again or is he in the market looking for some fun.

If you can rule out that maybe he’s trying harder to impress YOU, then he might be looking elsewhere to get a good impression.

Unusual Romantic Moves

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating unusual romantic moves

Sometimes being romantic is simply being spontaneous.  And others, a sign of remorse. These kind are the easiest to spot and are usually to try to cover up their guilt.

Don’t take this the wrong way – he could just want to be romantic for a special occasion, it should be pretty simple to tell the difference between real and fake romance.  Put simply, if something feels fishy, it usually is.

What I would recommend is to see if he is truly genuine – are they the right kind of flowers?  Does he follow through with his plans and promises?  Or are his actions random and inconsistent?  These are good clues of guilt without actually saying the words.

The Lack of Sex

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating Lack of Sex

This one is also pretty simple to notice, if he’s been having sex with others, there’s a good chance that he would be less interested in having sex with you, therefore, reject you. Every couple has their own sex routines, the sign of lack of sex suggests that he either getting bored or finding fun somewhere else.

Asking for Privacy and Personal Space

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating personal space

This request itself is actually somewhat usual.  Yes, not everyone enjoys spending every moment with their boyfriend. However, if out of nowhere he is asking for more privacy, it’s a red flag that he has something he wants to hide from you.

If he did ask for more space, find out why, maybe he’s got a good reason – but if it’s no reason at all then you should be prepared for whatever that’s coming on your way.

Deleting his History. (Texts, phone calls, browsing history, etc…)

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating deleteing

Now, I don’t want you to read this article and the next thing you do is to steal your boyfriend’s phone!  If you over react and he really has been faithful, then all of a sudden it is you who is the bad guy.

But as we all know, if you got nothing to hide, then you should be okay with your significant others using your phone. What you should do is to ask him right away. If you really are worried, explain your feelings and thought and ask whether you can see his texts.  If you really have a strong relationship of trust he should understand. If though, he lies or refuses, you would know what to expect.

Wrong Person, Wrong Details.

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating wrong Person

Dating two people at the same time is not as easy as people imagine. Especially when you try to keep it a secret. Eventually, there will be some mistakes. Maybe he talks about a movie you two never watched together, picks you up at a wrong time or go to the wrong place to date. As two schedules become crisscrossed, he will have to become a double agent.  That’s when you can spot the small mistakes.

He’s Ready to Break up.

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating hes ready

Let’s say that he has shown some of the signs above of cheating, and maybe it has gotten to a point where he has another person to be with, the last step is to ditch you so he could get away. He would show hesitation while he’s with you, he would stop saying “I love you”. And you could tell that he’s not as in love as he used to be with you. All of that could mean one thing that is he’s ready to move on from you.

It’s Right in his Eyes.

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Been Cheating its right in his eyes

Sometimes it’s that simple, you can feel someone’s love just by looking into their eyes. You can do the same thing to tell whether or not he is in love with you anymore. Every time he says, ”I love you”, does he mean it with sincerity?  Does he look straight into your eyes? If you confront him about it, does he get angry or give you the true answer? Of all people, you are the one to make the final decision and to see if he’s worth all your heart.

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