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US Military Approves 10 Day Leave for Same-Sex Couples to Get Married

US Military Approves 10 Day Leave for Same-Sex Couples to Get Married

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These days there seems to be an non-stop flow of good news for the gay community in the United States.  Thanks to the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in 2011 and the recent ruling of the “Defense of Marriage Act” this year, benefits for same-sex marriage are now taking effect faster than ever before.

The repeal of these two key laws paves the way for same-sex couples to take advantage of national benefits in government and military jobs, receiving the same treatment as heterosexual couples.  This includes housing, healthcare and tax benefits that were previously out of reach for married same-sex couples, even in states with legal recognition.

So that gay and lesbian military members to take full advantage of these new benefits, special permission will be granted to couples living in states which do not offer same sex marriage to take 10 days leave in order to acquire a marriage license in states with legal recognition.  This means that people in the military, regardless of location will enjoy equal treatment nation wide.

This new policy will take effect on September 3rd.

America is starting to feel like a better place.  Equality for all.

Loren Couse

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