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There is only one thing I like better than a guy without pants on.  I know I am not alone when I say that a man in nothing but a nice pair of briefs is enough to make me go crazy.  It doesnt matter who you are, having an impressive wardrobe of underwear is essential.  A nice pair of comfortable, fitting, sexy briefs make me look better with no clothes on, but help boost my confidence.  I can not begin to say how much of a plus it is when other guys do the same.

Here are a few briefs that won’t break the bank, but are sure to make you look great in the process.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief


Between the color, cut, and style, I absolutely love my Andrew Christians.  I got my first pair a few months back and I couldn’t be more pleased.  The material is top notch and the quality is superb.  These things look and feel great. Thats all I want and these deliver. Period.

I’ll let the image do the talking.

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2(x)ist Men’s Cabana No Show Brief


When picking a new pair of underwear I always look for something with a little bit of personality.  This particular cut has a wide variety of colors, prints and designs. I think there is a fine line between fun and stupid and 2(x)ist Cabana series has enough variety to keep even the pickiest interested.   Also not a bad way to show off your package if you ask me.

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Emporio Armani Eagle Trunk


I don’t know what it is what whenever I wear a pair of Armani boxers I can’t help feeling good about myself.  Equally as much, when I encounter a guy wearing a pair its nearly impossible not to reach out and touch…

These things are extremely comfortable and when I am in the mood for a boxer brief, my Armani’s are my go to pair.  I love everything from the cut to the fabric plus they make my butt look great.

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Calvin Klein Men’s X Micro Hip Brief


I like my Calvin Klein Boxers.  They are not as expensive as the other ones on the list and they help get the job done.  I am just more focused on the model in the photo right now to say anything else…

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Emporio Armani Cotton Stretch Hip Brief


These are the brief version of the boxer brief Armani underwear I mentioned earlier.  Some people are picky about boxers versus boxer briefs and the debate is never ending about which is better.  Personally, I like them both.  Plus, I think this one helps show off your package a little better.

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