How to Get Better Skin and Stop Acne in its Tracks

How to Get Better Skin and Stop Acne in its Tracks

One thing that bothered me the most throughout puberty was ACNE. I have had people try to tell me: “Just wash your face” or “Stop picking your acne!” and one person flat out told me to “Just go to the dermatology clinic!”  Everyone was trying to tell me how to get better skin, but sometimes the problems with my skin and responses people gave me just made me want to shout!  This made me start to wonder how to get better skin and stop acne once and for all.

If you are still young just know that it is natural to have acne and pimples.

But you are still thinking to yourself, it sucks!  If your skin is always red and oily, and whenever one pimple vanishes there are more to come.  The constant disappointments may make you want to give up on your skin.

But what can we really do here?

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If you are reading this, I believe you must have already read tons of articles, bought skin care products that claimed to magically save your skin, but still – your skin is like an irresponsible and unstable teenager that can blow off any second.

I will be honest with you, there is no magical cure for skin – yet.

Nothing you use can cure your acne overnight. That’s science. But you can try to make small changes in your life that will help you through this terrible period and give you some helpful advice about how to get better skin.

Now, I am not a dermatologist, I am just a teenage kid who is still suffering from bad acne, but I have suffered through all of this before and have learned a few tips that I can share with you guys to help you out.

How to Get Better Skin

– First –

Don’t Touch Your Face

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Anytime you feel like touching your face, don’t do it!  What’s better, keep anything dirty away from your face.  This includes hands, masks, pillowcases, and towels. If you do need to touch your skin, make sure to clean everything before hand.  

The same goes for your chest and back if you have acne there too. Sometimes people are not aware of how dirty their hands really are when you rub against your face.  Even something as simple as scratching your cheeks can transfer bacteria to settle on your skin.

– Second –

Sleep and Diet

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You have heard it a million times, but they are right!   These two things, sleep and diet, are frequently brought up in any skin related articles or videos, and they have probably already talked your ears off. But I swear people tell you this for a GOOD REASON. Whatever it is that has been causing you to break out, is almost always linked to your inner health, sleep and diet.

You have likely had the experience where you would stay up till morning and sleep during the day, and the next day find a big zit staring back at you in the mirror. That’s right, so in another word, get as much sleep as you can.

Getting enough sleep is crucial for your body to detox and refresh during midnight, and sleeping early can give your body the extra time to rest, and allows it to go through its full healing process.

As for diet, stay away from oily or sweet foods such as fries, chips, fried chicken, chocolate, cookies and even ice cream. The added oil can irritate your skin more and is one of the main reasons for causing breakouts.

As for the sweets, sugar can affect your hormones, which can then make your skin react.  And I know it’s difficult to entirely cut out those things from the diet, so set a ground rule and stick to it.  Even if you make sacrifices you can know in the back of your mind that you are doing something good for your skin.

– Next up! –


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Sometimes, stress and acne become a cycle.  First, you worry too much about the acne, which makes you anxious, then you try everything you can to make it stop, which only makes the acne worse. Eventually, there is a good chance that worrying about your skin issues becomes the cause of your stress, so you only get more pimples.

Trust me, as a student who suffers from acne, I know how it feels, as if anyone who looks at your face is only focusing on your redness, and nothing they say will make you confident.

The best thing  to do is accept the fact that, YES! I HAVE TERRIBLE SKIN. 

In the meantime, try to relax and don’t let anyone, including yourself, be the source of your stress because it will only worsen the situation.

– Last But Not Least –

Go to a Real Doctor

Stop-Rubbing-Your-Face-How-to-get-better-skin Doctor

All the pieces of advice above are things you can change on your own in order to live healthier, which can make a real difference to your skin. But at the end of the day, most people on the internet don’t have a degree in dermatology, and so if things get really bad the best thing to do is find a local clinic, make an appointment, and let an expert help you out.

The secret of how to get better skin is pretty straight forward, and sometimes the best treatment is taking a look at your habits and lifestyle.  As hopeless as things might seem, or as terrible as your acne may make you feel, bear this in mind.   

Yes, you may have bad acne.

Yes, you may envy those people with flawless skin but in the end, beauty also comes from the inside, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of stressing about your skin, take on the challenge of making it better.  Even if it is tough or seems like an endless battle, believe in yourself that you can actually make a difference, and from now on, act on it!    

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