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Gay in Sochi: Stephen Colbert’s New Correspondent

Russia has been getting a lot of snuff recently for its so-called “Gay Propaganda Law”, which bars any display or action that could “Promote Homosexuality” to children.  This law has received a tremendous amount of scrutiny because of its intolerance and vagueness meaning that nearly anyone could be arrested or imprisoned for something as simple as wearing a rainbow shirt.  Another big issue is the fact that Russia, as with any Olympic host nation, was awarded the honor of hosting because of considerable and respectable levels of development and human rights, which after the law’s passage a year ago, is no longer the case.

Luckily the media has caught hold of Russia’s unfair and backwards policies and the world is beginning to take notice.  As always we can count on Stephen to tackle this issue head on with his new “definitely not gay” correspondent, Buddy Cole.


Loren Couse

I started MQ with the goal of answering all the questions I had about gay sex, dating and relationships when I was just starting out.If you have a question, suggestion, or are just looking to chat, feel free to message me at: [email protected], check out our YouTube page, Facebook or Google+.

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