This Brought Tears to My Eyes: Colbert Introduces Small Town Vicco, Kentucky’s Gay Mayor


Steven Colbert is a talented comedian. He is funny, witty, but most importantly finds ways to turn political viewpoints on their heads, presenting them in easy to understand bites which show alternative perspectives on complicated issues.

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This week in his running segment “People Who Are Destroying America,” Colbert presents the small town of Vicco, Kentucky and there current, openly gay mayor Johnny Cummings. Most people, including myself, who see a small town in rural America likely share common stereotypes of homophobia and closed mindedness when in fact this is not always true.

The one thing this segment showed me is that I also carry my pre-judgments about people in my own country based on location and appearance, much like people do of me because of my own sexuality.

It was the extent that this video shattered my own stereotypes, and exemplified that even those who you least expect can show acceptance and love, regardless of sexuality that really moved me. It really gives me hope for the future and reminds me how much the air is changing in America.


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