How to Stop Hair Loss and Reverse Balding

how to stop balding and reverse hairloss

There is no cure for baldness. But, modern medicine has gotten to the point that by consistent treatment you can actually stop, and in many cases reverse your hair loss. Here is our complete guide on how to stop hair loss with a bit of daily diligence and self-care.

There are many lifestyle changes you can make to slow and mitigate the effects of thinning hair. Small steps like a healthy diet and generally treating your body well do a lot to slow down a balding head of hair.

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How to Stop Hair Loss and Reverse Balding

But this is only half the equation.  For most cases, genetics play a major part into hair loss and finding the right regimen to treat it can make all the difference.  Below are a few products I have used that have made a significant difference, plus some treatment options for people who might have already exhausted most of their options.

You can stop hair loss.  The most important step is to actually do something about it.

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

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Minoxidil is the active ingredient inside of the popular topical solution, Rogaine.  Minoxidil is also one of the few medications with clinical data backing up its hair regrowth abilities.  Studies have shown effectiveness in nearly 90% of cases, men, and women.

Minoxidil is not a cure, but instead a treatment for baldness.  You will need to use it daily, or else results will quickly disappear.  Side effects are overall mild, usually consisting of itchy scalp and fatigue.  These can easily be managed by decreasing your dose.  Minoxidil has also gotten much cheaper over the past few years thanks to Rogaine being released in generic forms.  You can now get a year supply for as little as $60.

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Finasteride (Propecia)

Finasteride, the active ingredient in what is commonly known as Propecia.  This is the only other medication available aside from Minoxidil FDA approved to treat male pattern baldness.  It works by blocking strong forms of testosterone responsible for shutting down your hair follicles.

Finasteride is taken in the form of a pill and actually alters the hormonal makeup of your body.  So as you can imagine, it is effective in many cases but also runs the risk of more serious side effects.

Testosterone levels are directly linked to sexual performance meaning that there is a risk of lowered libido and in some cases erectile dysfunction (ED). Unlike Minoxidil, you will need a prescription to get Propecia.  In any case, you should consult a doctor before starting on Finasteride to see if it is a possible treatment.


How to Stop Hair Loss and Reverse Balding Biotin

Biotin or “Vitamin H” deficiency is known to cause hair loss in men and women.  Though this is rare, there is also data which suggests that boosting your Biotin intake can help to stop and even reverse hair loss and balding.

Biotin is harmless in large doses and is non-toxic.  Vitamin H supplements have also shown to help with skin and nail health which is an added plus.  It is also extremely cheap at about $7 for a 3 month supply.

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Hair Loss Shampoos

How to Stop Hair Loss and Reverse Balding Shampoo

There are a few shampoos out there which claim to regrow hair.  These includes ones containing Minoxidil as well as other ingredients like caffeine, although most shampoos are not clinically tested and have no real data backing up their effectiveness.

I have used a caffeine shampoo for some time and I swear it has helped in conjunction with Rogaine to grow back hair.  A lot of people stand by these products despite their lack of medical data – just check the Amazon reviews.

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Hair Transplant Surgery

This is really a last resort as hair transplant procedures are expensive and the riskiest of all options.  Procedures have come a long way over the years and transplanted hair look less like a “hairbrush” and more like your real hair.   Scaring and recovery times are much better too, but techniques vary from doctor to doctor.  Procedures usually run upwards of $5,000 – not cheap.  But if you have exhausted all of your options then you can get some pretty convincing results.

I have been treating my hair loss for over a year now with a combination of caffeinated shampoo, Rogaine, and Biotin daily.  The results have been phenomenal.  It has really made a difference and I feel much better and self-confident as a result.

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This is our guide to how to stop balding and reverse hair loss. Have you had success in treating your hair loss?  How did you do it?  Let us know in the comments below.

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