Good Clean Love Indian Spice Love Oil – 30 Ml

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Good Clean Love Indian Spice Love Oil – 30 Ml by Good clean love in MQ featured Personal Lubricants and Sensual Massage.

Good Clean Love Indian Spice Love Oil – 30 Ml

he science of arousal is clear… sensation is the language of love. Explore the pleasures of touch and aroma with this blend of exotic natural aphrodisiac fragrances. Enhance intimate touch and massage to elicit a deep, primal sensuality with heightened natural pheromones. Indian Spice Love Oil absorbs nicely into yours or your lover's skin, tantalizing the senses with a balance of sweet and spicy. Simultaneously release the day's stress and anxiety while enhancing your sensual awareness with this unique blend of Cardamom, Frankincense, and Clary Sage. Our intimate body oil Works The Way You Do, responding to individual body chemistry to create a unique scent bridge between partners and a sensuous mind-body connection.

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Released on 2021/6/24

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Weight 0.26 lbs


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