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When I discovered the world outside of being straight, the possibilities of life exploded(in a good way) and my universe flipped after a Masters in gender studies. So now I’mgoing to pour my scrambled thoughts into this site and hope I’ll mess up yours, too.You can tell or ask me anything, be it about your gay sister or do people still use the wordgay when delighted. I’ll respond with what I have, it certainly won’t be perfect, but it’swhat I’ve seen and been through.If you need to find me, I’ll either be sweating in the boxing ring or poking aroundunknown cities. I’m originally from Hong Kong and used to live in the States, Germany,Thailand and am now lost in Taiwan.

I don’t remember coming out to my mom, my mom had known about who I was before I did.  Or at least she knew that I was in love with my p..