Xplay Gear 7″ Anal Sleeve Plug – Clear

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Xplay Gear 7″ Anal Sleeve Plug – Clear by Perfect fit brand in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Anal Sex Toys.

Xplay Gear 7″ Anal Sleeve Plug – Clear

This is another name for our Hollow Penetrable Plug, previously known as Hump Gear, and famously marketed by another brand as the Raw Dawg. This patented invention was extremely popular and elicited multi-page reviews by exhilarated fans.The XPLAY® Anal Sleeve Plug 7.0″ has several nifty innovations to make insertion even easier. It’s hard to miss the new anchor tip. Simply push this part into your anus. Should the plug start to slide out, the new anchor will keep it in place.

We’ve also added graduated anchor points, deliberately spaced to match the amount you can comfortably push in with one hand at a time. The end has also been updated with a protruding anus ring to help guide your penis in. Finally, the new texture is gentler, allowing for longer penetration and play. This one is sure to be a fan favorite.

Weight: 0.51 pounds. Length: Inches
Released on 2021/8/8

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Weight 0.51 lbs


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