Willy Play Dice Game

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Male Q Adult Store Featured Party Games, Gifts & Supplies – WILLY PLAY GAME released on 4/27/2009, by Ball and Chain.


Willy Play Game from Ball and Chain Novelties. The one and only! Willy Play Dice are foreplay dice solely for the willy. Roll both dice to find out where and how the willy will be tantalized. Foreplay your way to bliss! Adult game willy play dice game for men. One die lists things to do with his willy such as suck, stoke and the other lists parts of his willy and balls to do it to! Fun for both men! Willy Play Game from Ball and Chain Novelties. 17


Height: 7.875  Length: 5.5 Diameter: 0.875  Weight: 0.06


Color:   Material: Barcode: 1.76554E+11
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