Unicorn Tails Pastel Purple Butt Plug

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Unicorn Tails Pastel Purple Butt Plug

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Unicorn Tails Pastel Purple Butt Plug by NS Novelties in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Anal Sex Toys.

Unicorn Tails Pastel Purple Butt Plug

Fun, cute, and colorful, Unicorn Tails bring fantasy to life for hot to trot fillies and horny studs looking to get buck wild in the bedroom. Made of body-safe and silky-smooth silicone, Unicorn Tails feature a tapered butt plug with an alluring, long and flowing Pastel Purple colored pony tail, guaranteed to inspire role play. Unicorn Tails are perfect for kinky cosplay with a partner or to ride alone into the sunset. 3.9 inches by 2.1 inches butt plug. Material Silicone butt plug, Faux Hair polyester tail.

Weight: 0.36 pounds. Length: 12.6 Inches
Released on 2017/2/26

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Weight 0.36 lbs
Dimensions 12.6 in


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