Trojan Bareskin Raw 10Ct


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Trojan Bareskin Raw 10Ct by Trojan in MQ featured Personal Lubricants and  Condoms.

Trojan Bareskin Raw 10Ct

Trojan Latex Condoms Bareskin Raw 10 Count Package. 40% thinner than the standard Trojan condom. Trojan Bareskin condoms are specially designed to help you feel closer and get closer! Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. Trojan Bareskin is a starter pack that helps you find your preferred feel because not all condoms feel the same. Classic feel condoms have a straight shape for a secure fit. Thin feel condoms have a straight shape and a thinner latex for more sensitivity. Full Pleasure feel condoms have a unique relaxed fit that allows freedom of movement for a full pleasure sensation. For contraception. Plus STI protection. Features ENZ, Ultra Thin, Ecstasy. 10 latex condoms per box. Paradise Products – Trojan. Categories: Condoms, Sextoys for Couples, Health and Beauty Trojan – Latex Condoms Bareskin Raw.

Originally release 2022-02-17.

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