Stealth Shaft 3.5″ Support Smooth Sling – Caramel

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Stealth Shaft 3.5″ Support Smooth Sling – Caramel by Nanciland innovations llc. in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Penis Enhancers.

Stealth Shaft 3.5″ Support Smooth Sling – Caramel

Be confident and take back the night. Now you can give endless pleasure to your partner in any state. Experience full penetration with the Stealth Shaft Support. Our penetration toy is designed to be secure. It hugs your member comfortably to ensure there is no slippage. The secret of the Stealth Shaft Support is our support strip. A material that is sturdy enough to aid in full penetration yet pliable enough to bend with your movements. This smooth support sling is built with a strip to lift your member regardless of a *flaccid, semi, or erect condition. This technology combined with a soft, yet durable material allows you to gain back your confidence in the bedroom. The Stealth Shaft Support is non-obstructive and blends in with you. Leaving the penis exposed for skin to skin contact, it aids in full penetration while giving you a close sensation. The body safe material adds girth and pleasure for you and your partner to enjoy.

Weight: 0 pounds. Length: Inches
Released on 2021/8/12


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