Nexus Non-return Valve Anal Douche – 224 Ml

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Nexus Non-return Valve Anal Douche – 224 Ml by Libertybelle marketing in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Anal Sex Toys.

Nexus Non-return Valve Anal Douche – 224 Ml

Nexus Douche this sleek anal douche offers one-step insertion for simple yet effective intimate cleaning before and after anal play. A tactile high-quality rubber bulb and smooth plastic nozzle make the product quick and easy to operate. Only one application needed for a thorough clean. The non-return valve ensures that no water flows back into the bulb during use. Will hold 224ml of water, the bulb is made from soft PVC and the nozzle is made from ABS plastic.

Weight: 0.08 pounds. Length: 11.42 Inches
Released on 2019/12/29

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Weight 0.08 lbs
Dimensions 11.42 in


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