Fun Factory Sundaze – Fuchsia Pink

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Fun Factory Sundaze – Fuchsia Pink by Fun factory usa inc in MQ featured Female Sex Toys and Vibrators.

Fun Factory Sundaze – Fuchsia Pink

What does your perfect Sunday look like? Getting a nice slow start, lingering over brunch, maybe doing the crossword? Spending the afternoon doing something that's just for you? In a nutshell, Sundaze is that leisurely Sunday afternoon play date. There are no agendas, just pure pleasure and discovery. Most vibrators only stimulate one kind of nerve ending. Sundaze stimulates three. Different nerve endings process different kinds of sensation—and Sundaze offers a lot of those. Plus, alternating between different types of sensation keeps you from becoming habituated to just one. Meet the nerve endings Sundaze reaches.

Weight: 0.83 pounds. Length: Inches
Released on 2020/11/21

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Weight 0.83 lbs


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