Elite Beginner Pump Black

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Elite Beginner Pump Black

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Elite Beginner Pump Black by Shots Toys in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and Penis Enhancers.

Elite Beginner Pump Black

Clinical studies have proven that vacuum erection devices will give instantly harder erections, cause temporary flacid enlargement and can increase permanent penis augmentation. According to the American Urological Association, these devices may also be useful in cases where such PDE5 drugs have failed to work! Doctors view the penis pump as a safe, effectual and cost effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and state that the prolonged use of these devices will enhance the size of the penis permanently. Other advantages of the Pumped selection are, amongst others, delayed ejaculation, improvement of sexual appetite, boosting of testosterone, the maintenance of longer and harder erections and the supporting of penile tissue after prostate surgery. Pumped, for instant results!

With a total cylinder length of 9 inches and a diameter of 2.35 inches, this high quality pump gives you ample possibilities to grow in both directions! The total length of the hose is 10 inches and the insertion sleeve is made of smooth Silicone. Surprise yourself every time on how big you can get! The pistol grip, gives more power than the trigger grip pump. It will work to create a more effective vacuum seal in a shorter amount of time, so it won't take many pumps to reach your desired level of hardness. It is also easier to maintain control over the amount of pressure in the cylinder and a cheaper option than an electric pump.

Weight: 0.80438 pounds. Length: Inches
Released on 2018/1/12

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Weight 0.80438 lbs
Dimensions 2.35 in


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