Divine 9 Water Based Lubricant Bottle 8oz


Divine 9 Lubricant 8 Oz. Bottle

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Divine 9 Water Based Lubricant Bottle 8oz by Carrashield Labs in MQ featured Personal Lubricants and Lubes.

Divine 9 Water Based Lubricant Bottle 8oz

Divine 9 the ultimate in pleasure and protection. Divine 9 is a water based personal lubricant perfectly formulated for a slippery yet intimate touch. It provides an intense skin-on-skin sensation for the ultimate sensual experience. Divine 9's unique formula uses a natural plant extract from the sea that protects and moisturizes the skin and leaves it fresh and clean. Divine 9 is fragrance, paraben, and glycerin free, non-staining, long lasting and latex safe.

Divine 9 is made with Carragel, a very special type of sea weed extract that is undergoing government sponsored medical testing. Divine 9 indulges you with qualities never before available in a personal lubricant. Water-based, long-lasting, with just the right amount of slippery feel. Made with natural ingredients that feel great and don't irritate the skin. Dries clean and never gets sticky or tacky. Acts as a natural skin moisturizer you can leave on when finished. Ingredients: Purified water, sea weed extract. Carragel, a special type of carrageenan, propylene glycol, saccharin, citric acid.

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Released on 2013/11/28

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