Warming Masturbator Lube 4 oz


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Lubricants – ZERO TOLERANCE WARMING MASTURBATOR LUBE 4 OZ released on 11/9/2011, by Evolved Novelties.


Zero Tolerance Warming Masturbator Lube water based lube. Zero Tolerance Toys is the perfect male toy accessory, especially for masturbation sleeves. In real life vaginas are warm so why would not you want to use a warming lube with your sleeve to make the experience more realistic? The warming agent in the lube is a true warming agent. Unlike other warming lubes where you have to rub or blow on it to get warm, this lube will warm on contact on those sensitive areas. The applicator tip on the top of the bottle makes applying the lube to your sleeve very easy and convenient. Not only is this lube wonderful for masturbating but also is fantastic to use for sex being that it is vaginal safe. Now you do not need to hide it when your partner comes over since they can have fun with it too Warming Masturbator Lube. Do you crave a life-like warm feeling with your sleeve? Get our specially formulated lube that not only slicks down your toy for the perfect ride, but also warms on contact, heating you up with more pleasure than you have ever experienced. Water based and silky smooth, Zero Tolerance’s Warming Masturbator Lube is safe for use with a partner and cleans up easily. Zero Tolerance’s Masturbator Lubes gives every sleeve a life-like feel! Zero Tolerance Warming Masturbator Lubricant economical 4 ounces bottle. 18


Height: 4.375  Length: 1.875 Diameter: 1.875  Weight: 0.41


Color:   Material: Barcode: 8.44477E+11
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Weight 0.42 lbs
Dimensions 1.875 × 1.875 × 4.375 in




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