Stay Hard Cockring Combo Set

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Perform like the stud you are! These Stay Hard Rings are a simple seductive add on to prolong your erection so you can prolong your sessions with your partner! Stay Hard cock rings provide amazing benefits as these can be used around the shaft or both the shaft and testicles to increase both your size and stamina. This trio of cock rings are also made of super stretchy Elastomer for your safety and hygiene during your intimate play.

Male Q Reader Review:
“I have been using the stay hard donut cock rings for about a year. I have bought them at various places but these are just awesome!!! The best!!! These are super great quality and work very well. If you place it around the base of your cock and around your balls you will notice it makes you super hard and THICK. I put on 2 sometimes 3 at once. I keep the rings on for several hours at a time. It really makes my cock super hard, very meaty and much thicker plus it makes my cum shoot out in much bigger loads. The donut cock ring drives my girlfriend crazy. She loves it!!!”

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