Sport F*cker Depth Charge Sound Black


Sport F*cker Depth Charge Sound Black

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Sport F*cker Depth Charge Sound Black by 665 inc in MQ featured Bondage and Mens Cock & Ball Gear.

Sport F*cker Depth Charge Sound Black

Looking to try to bust your final sex cherry? Sounding is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing fetishes among men. You already spend half of your free time rubbing and tugging on your best appendage. Why not stimulate it from the inside? Not into traditional medical play? No problem. With our 100% medical grade premium silicone sounds, your best man and its urethra will thank you!

All the metal benefits of an ultra smooth surface and ability to sterilize without the cold, non-bending attributes of a traditional metal sound. This solid sound is like a roller coaster for both of your heads at once! After you take your time and work it deep down into your shaft, you will need to brace yourself for the sensation overload your brain and dick are about to feel as you pull it out. Each of the 13 bumps will send your pleasure sky high as your internal man nerves react to the ultra smooth ride. The ridges on the handle ensure a solid grip when they are all lubed up.

Product dimensions length 7 inches. 13 bumps .2 inch to .32 inch. Shaft .13 inch to .18 inch. Handle length 1.2 inches. Diameter .34 inch.

Weight: 0.125 pounds. Length: 7 Inches
Released on 2019/5/11

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Weight 0.125 g
Dimensions 7 cm


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