Spirits Want You To Have Sex Board Game


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Male Q Adult Store Featured X-rated Adult Games – SPIRITS WANT YOU TO HAVE SEX released on 12/9/2015, by Kheper Games.


The Spirits Want You To Have Sex Board Game. The Ouija style mouse reveals your love making positions! You and your lover place your hands upon the mouse, with it centered on the game board. You then ask the spirits to help you figure out what sex positions to try tonight. Let them guide your hands as you move the mouse across the board. You can also ask the board Yes or No questions about kinky things you think your lover might want to try. When you reach Good Sex, carry out your chosen sexual actions and positions. Game includes a 15.5 inches by 10 inches Spirit Board, 1 plastic mouse, and game rules translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Czech.


Height: 10.5  Length: 15.5 Diameter: 1.5  Weight: 1.56


Color:   Material: Barcode: 8.25156E+11
MQ Sex Toy Store Valentines Day product collection.

Weight 1.56 g


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