Spin The Bride

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Male Q Adult Store Featured Party Games, Gifts & Supplies – (WD) SPIN THE BRIDE TO BE GAME released on 10/26/2011, by Ball and Chain.


Spin The Bride-To-Be The Ultimate Truth or Dare Drinking Game it is her last night out as an unhitched woman so let the Bride-to-Be take one last walk on the wild side with this hilarious party game. Act out amusing dares, tell naughty truths, and knock back your favorite drinks as you challenge party goers to participate in outrageously entertaining antics! It does not matter if you are the bride-to-be, one of the bride’s maids, or just a friend. Spin the Bride-to-Be game will have everyone laughing all night long. Contents: 30 Dare Cards, 30 Truth Cards and 1 Spinner Board. Antics range from fairly tame to side-splitting hysterical. Bachelorette party game, drinking game. Please drink responsibly. Designate a person who does not drink at all. Call a taxi. Hire a limo. Enjoy. Spin The Bride from Ball and Chain Novelties Games. 17


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