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Quickies Mini Book by Emily Dubberley


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Books, Adult Games & Music – QUICKIES MINI BOOK (NET) released on 2/3/2015, by Assorted Books and Mags.


From Quiver Books series of mini books Quickies Mini Book by Emily Dubberley. Whether you are a new couple who can not keep your hands off each other or married with kids, spontaneous sex is the perfect way to stoke your libido, beat predictability and performance pressure, and add another dimension of excitement and trust to a relationship. Quickies contains 50 morning, nooner, and night erotic positions to show you how to master fast hand jobs, oral techniques, and positions for every time of day. Whether you are looking to bring yourself or your partner to climax fast or create a teaser for a longer session later, each technique will show you how to create excitement and satisfaction in minutes. The petite mini book format makes it fun to try new techniques anywhere! With every page, you will be on your way to fast, yet fabulous sex. About the author: Emily Dubberley is a British author and journalist specialising in sex and relationships. Size: 4 inches by 5.6 inches.


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