Panty Rebel Vibrating Panty With Remote Control O/S


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Male Q Adult Store Featured Lingerie & Clothing – PANTY REBEL VIBRATING PANTY W/ REMOTE released on 12/17/2019, by EDC Wholesale.


PANTY REBEL VIBRATING Best sex toys for women

Panty Rebel Vibrating Panty with Remote Control Black from EDC. This vibrating briefs from Panty Rebel are made of soft and stretchy fabric that feels comfortable and provides a good fit. The briefs have a compartment into which the lay on vibrator fits precisely. This vibrator has 12 different vibration settings that can be easily operated with the wireless remote control. Switch the vibrator on by pressing the on/off button briefly, it starts vibrating as soon as it is switched on. The button with the circle on the remote control can be used to change vibration settings and the vibrations can be paused with the pause button. The vibrator can be cleaned with toy cleaner and lukewarm water after use. The USB charger cable is included. One size fits most. Material composition 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane. Video.


Height:Length: 0 Diameter:Weight: 0


Color: Black  Material: Barcode: 8.71993E+12
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