Oxy Shop Urethral Sounds Kit

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Oxy Shop Urethral Sounds Kit by Oxy shop in MQ featured Bondage and Fetish S&M Gear.

Oxy Shop Urethral Sounds Kit

The Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit is a collection of medical grade steel urethral sounds. They are designed like rosebuds, to gently insert into the urethra and stretch it with time.Each of these sounds is about 9.3 inches long, and their thickness varies. The 5 piece set starts at 0.23” inches going to 0.39 inches. KEY BENEFITS using a penis plug:Great feelings and unique sensations: If feels like nothing else. An orgasm from the inside out.Stronger orgasm: Urethral masturbation massages the walls of the urethra, making it more sensitive. When the orgasm comes, it feels stronger as the tissue is extra sensitive.No need to get pierced: This plug provides the pierced look without the piercing. How to use:Use plenty of sterile lube. Start with a soft penis – Holding it at a 90 degree angle from your body, slowly slip the sound or plug in. Try to let gravity and the weight of the soundnaturally pull the sound down into your penis. Once you have your sound or plug in place andyou’re comfortable, experiment with light gentle strokes on your penis Advantages: Solo play or with a partner / Durable / No Rust / Body Safe Dimensions: Smallest diameter 0.23” / Largest diameter 0.39”Included: 5 x sounds of different sizes, 1 x carry bag Materials: Stainless Steel 316L – Medical Grade & Body safe

Weight: 0.67 pounds. Length: Inches
Released on 2022/5/20

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