Mb Spot Jockstrap White Xl


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Mb Spot Jockstrap White Xl by Male Basics in MQ featured Male Sex Toys and  Mens Underwear.

Mb Spot Jockstrap White Xl

Male Basics MB Spot Jock Strap White XL. Most men do not realize the impact that the Jock White could have on their lives. The Jock White features a basic color that has been used for years to symbolize purity in clothing. This choice of color makes them especially exciting to your partner who just might not be able to keep their hands off of you. Not only is the Jock White an appealing choice for those you most want to impress but it is also a great choice for all of your needs. It features a comfortable pouch that will support and cushion your package in a way that makes it look great while also protecting it during the most vigorous and active sports. In addition the wide waist band keeps these from moving during activity and the wide straps that cover the buttocks will keep your butt held tight in place and help make it look perfect no matter what you are doing. So choose the Jock White for all of your comfort and support needs and be ready to see a little action from that special someone you were hoping to turn on. Size Extra Large, XL 35 inches to 41 inches. More information: SKUMBS06. ColorWhite. Materials: Cotton, Lycra. Brand: Male Basics Underwear. Categories: Lingerie, Clothing, Men’s Underwear, Men’s Fetish Wear. 2022.

Originally release 2022-05-03.

Dimensions (Inches): Height – 0  Length – 0 Width – 0
Weight: 0.25 pounds.
Color: White

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Weight 0.25 lbs




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